Saturday, June 19, 2010

Front Porch Sittin

Front Porch Sittin'

Almost 6 years ago, my husband built me the front porch of my dreams. I always pictured it decorated in cottage colors with lots of floral and pinks but, somehow - it demanded a red, white and blue theme!
I started my tablescape with a navy blue dish towel from The Dollar Tree as my "tablecloth".  I found this ruffled plate (shhhh it's plastic) at Wally World.

I added this adorable salad plate  
(again, Wally World - both plates were only $1.50 each)

I guess it might look a little better if I had centered the salad plate!
I found this napkin in box from my mother's house, then used a silk flower as a napkin ring.

I found the salt and peppers (Avon, I believe) and glassware in my hutch. The little wine glass is part of a set with a matching carafe that my best friend's mother gave me as a wedding gift. We were only 19 and legally could not even purchase wine - but I felt sophisticated when I added it to my bridal registry.

I wanted to share some pictures of my porch, too.
The first one is you sitting on the porch watching the world go by! My orange day lilies and flowering shrubs hide you from the traffic. Only those strolling by can see you and wave.

I found the pillows years ago for only a few dollars. My daughters were County Fair Queens and we needed something comfortable for Royalty to plant themselves on when riding in parades.  I think at this point I would describe the pillows as "cozy".

I have been collecting the red, white and blue for a few years now. This is only a small portion of items now residing on my porch!

That is a vintage croquet set hiding behind this teddy bear. I found it at a flea market for only $17.00.
We make our own rules and play a very competitive game.

This rusty watering can was part of a set that my youngest daughter's godmother gifted me years ago. They used to hang in a tree!

One last look at my tablescape.  If you were wondering where I have been . . . I have been visiting your blogs, usually from work. Unfortunately I cannot leave a message telling all of you how awesome you all are!  I cannot figure out how you all make time for all this with jobs, family, housework and sleep!  All of you are so amazing!
I will be linking to that Superwoman Susan's Tablescape Thursday! Please visit and admire all the lovely tablescapes.
I am also linking for the first time to Rhondi's Summer Porch Party. What a great idea for a First Day of Summer Blog!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Party Birthday

For my tablescape this week, I would like to share pictures from a special garden party I attended over the weekend.  In the late 1980's, I was employed as a library assistant at our local library.  I love to read and had spent many, many hours at the library while growing up in my hometown.  I was so fortunate to work with a lovely group of women, most who had worked together for many years. They welcomed me to the library as a friend, and even though I left the library after only five years, we have remained friends to this day.
Almost all of the group are now retired (except me!) and we now are meeting once a month at a local restaurant for lunch.  This month we all received an invitation from the daughter of one of the ladies, inviting us to a birthday lunch for her mom!
Here is the lovely buffet table her daughter set for us in her wonderful garden.

A working mom with two young boys, her daughter put so much  time,  planning  and love into this event to honor her mother.  Her wonderful husband and two sons escorted the ladies to their seats, carried plates and beverages for the ladies who have difficulty moving around and were so sweet and attentive!
Here is my plate showing the delightful meal that I was so honored to share with my table mates and the birthday girl.
The potted annuals used as  Centerpieces were perfect for the outdoor tables.
Here is a picture of the some of the group around her patio. There are remnants of what was once a large shade tree in the middle of the patio and she has added a wonderful fountain as a focal point.
Guests included old neighbors, new neighbors, old friends and former library co-workers.  A person's 80th birthday is a great reason for a celebration and reminiscing!  We lingered to share stories and smiles.
 As we left, rain drops began to splatter on our windshields. We were so glad they held off until the end of the party!

I will be linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.  Be sure to visit and see all the marvelous tablescapes she hosts each week!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sugar Pie Farmhouse "Watermelon and Fireflies"

Oh my, oh my - what a week I am having! Last weekend The Caffeinated Globe passed on the Trendy Blog Award to me. Then , on Monday morning, I received an email from Aunt Ruthie at the Sugar Pie Farmhouse that I was one of the submissions chosen to be included  in her brand-spanking-new Ebook!  The title of the book is "Watermelon and Fireflies" and it includes 51 farm fresh  ideas celebrating the Good Ol' Summertime!
I was so surprised and honored.  When  Auntie Ruthie asked for summer memories that we could share, I was more than happy to reminisce about the summers that all five of my children were still . . . well, children! To thank me for my contribution, Aunt Ruthie gifted me with  (one) free download of her book - and it is TERRIFIC.

I hope that you all have all ready joined the Sugar Pie Sisterhood, but if not , just click below to get to Aunt Ruthie's fabulous blog.
And if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Ebook (do be aware that it requires a new color ink cartridge and a bit of time to download all those GORGEOUS full color pages); well, then just click right here for more information.
I do believe that my next step might just be to search my purse for four quarters and buy a lottery ticket! I think I may be on a roll!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First Award

I would like to thank  the Caffeinated Globe for honoring me for my first Blog award !  The "Trendy Blog Award" was createed by Tara, the blogger of Trendy Treehouse.  Trendy Treehouse hosts "Follow Me Fridays" - something Miss Merry will certainly explore! 

January Asia and Steven Hui of the blog Caffeinated Globe (you can find them at )passed the award along to me.  I was so surprised! I have seen awards on other blogs, but never thought I would have one of my own.   I want to thank them so much for this honor and also thank Tara at Trendy Treehouse for creating this celebration ceremony!

To accept this award, I must pass it along to 10 other blogs which I think are trendy.  I am honored to do so.In alphabetical order - I would like to pass this award along to:
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The rules for accepting the Trendy Blog Award:
- Post about your award in your blog. (Including thanking the person who has passed along the award to you.)
- In the post, pass along the award to 10 other blogs which you think are trendy.
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- Share the news with the 10 blogs. Make sure you tell them that they need to give this award out to 10 other blogs as well.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roosters in the Roost

I started with adorable chicken salt and pepper shakers
from my friend "Sam" 
Sometimes, you just can't stop!  Last Saturday morning I just happened to be at JoAnn Fabrics as they were unlocking the doors.  On my way to the pattern section, I passed by (very slowly) the aisle marked "50% off" and stopped in my tracks.  Could those be more chickens?  I decided to improve upon my last week's tablescape. 
I started by placing a small table out under a tree.

Then I started layering!  For the first tablescape, I used one of the blue plates
from the set I purchased at an auction a few weeks ago. 

Next I added the cutest melamine Rooster Plate! Isn't it adorable?  Unfortunately, it was the only one left. At 50% off, it only cost $1.50.

I used my accessories from last week with a few new addtions. Do you like the yellow pottery cream and sugar?  They were in a box I found in my gramma's attic after she passed away, but are not marked.  I have a whole collection of cream and sugars from that box in my china cabinet.  The matching Red Rooster napkin was also the LAST one at my JoAnns! 
This was so much fun, lets try it again!
I started with one of my pfaltzgraff plates (the same one as last week).  I wish I had noticed the reflection in the silverware;  I would have tried some fancy photography!
Next I added this adorable rooster plate. (JoAnn's)

 I have these plates in my dining room right now  and everyone who comes in thinks they are "real" plates.  Unfortunately, in the sunlight, 
I cannot fool you with my paper rooster plates!
Here is the finished table with the red plate.
I discovered 5 of these chicken hooks for less than $2.00 each.

Thank you so much for visiting!  I apologize for not getting to too many tablescapes last week.  We spent Saturday with my 2 year old grandson and his family who were visiting an area waterpark.  Sunday was spent babysitting our 3 month old twin grandchildren  while "big" brother went to meet Thomas the Tank Engine.  I marched in the Parade with my 4-H Club members on Monday - This seriously affected my tablescape gazing! My goal this week is to visit everyone and admire all the gorgeous tables!

I will be linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch!
Thank you so much to our hostess, Susan!

Miss Merry