Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Two Days Without Rain

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It has been a very wet spring.  A very, very wet spring.   We have had a lot of rain, a lot of thunderstorms, a couple of tornado warnings (2 spotted, but did not hit) and lots and lots of mud. The farm fields have inches of standing water and we actually pray for wind to help dry them. And if they don't dry soon, they will not get planted. Most will not get their crop in at all. It is supposed to rain 14 of the next 15 days, with 13 of those days at a chance of over 40%. 

With the awful weather for farmers, it seems petty to complain about how much fun it is to be penned indoors with toddlers and small children when it is too wet or muddy to play outside. But it sure has been fun to have two sunny days in a row! 
ANYWAYS - On Tuesday it was sunny! And there were no rain clouds! We only had my three year old granddaughter to babysit so we took her to the park to play on the swings. 
Finally talked her into wearing the bonnet I got her in Amish Country. My kids had little brown summer bodies.  But now we use lots of sunscreen and I try to keep hats on all of them.  Both of my daughters have experienced skin cancers. 
Pretty proud of herself. 

AND today was gorgeous, too! We picked up two of my grandsons after Vacation Bible School and took them on a picnic to another park. 

By pack a picnic, I mean pick up prepackaged snacks at Aldi. Meanwhile, the sun was shining!
This guy was pretty happy on the BIG slide!
It was a gorgeous afternoon

And now it is raining. 

Miss Merry