Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gramma Camp Wrap Up

I always have great ambitions of blogging again. I was going to do a five part series on the six days of my Gramma Camp. Well, it has been six weeks since camp, so let's just look at some highlights. 

I found a fun idea on Pinterest and gave it a spin. Why do tie-dyed t-shirts when a pillow case will last longer? I found bulk pillow cases on eBay, bought some inexpensive squirt guns and filled them with fabric paint mixed with a little water. Hung them dry, ironed them on high setting, washed in warm water, re-ironed and sent them home. The kids loved this one. 
 Painting tool boxes. Temperatures were in the 90's so we moved several activities indoors. 
 Luckily my youngest granddaughter has a pool in a nearby town and invited us over in the evenings. 
 My older grandchildren, a 10 year old and 8 year old twins are now my counselors and create activities on their own. 
 To escape the 100 degree temperatures on the third day we went to an indoor playground. 
 Then my husband and I took 8 grandchildren aged 10 and under to a Mexican restaurant by ourselves. Because we are that crazy. 
 I had an engineering challenge each day for the oldest four who do not take naps. This was constructing a house from spaghetti and mini marshmallows. 
 It cooled off slightly and we took them to a nearby "touch a truck" event and got caught in a horrendous thunderstorm. 
 Another Pinterest activity - suncatchers made from glue and glass beads. Note: glitter glue does not work. The glue evaporated and left the glitter. I refilled the plastic lids with regular glue and they are still drying
 More Pinterest
 The camp theme was construction so we learned how to make concrete. 
 We broke up chipped dishes and put them in cake tin filled concrete to make a walkway in my fair garden. FYI - 1 large bag of concrete fills 8 disposable cake pans. 
 Then my engineers made bridges from popsicle sticks. 
 We toured my granddaughter's Uncle Joe's farm where they have a cattle operation with almost 1,000 head of cattle. My counselors were very interested in the electrical grid and all the mechanics of the operation. They are still talking about it. 
 And my two year olds are still talking about the cows and mooing.
 They made Uncle Joe a giant thank you card. 
 The next morning we made our annual beach trip to the north coast. We can almost see Canada from here. 
 We always follow our beach outing with a trip to the local pizza buffet. 
 The engineers attempted gazebos from coffee stirrers. 
 We visited Uncle Michael's to check on the status of his vintage car project and enjoy a potluck dinner. 
 Then back to Uncle Troy's pool. 
And camp finished on Friday with a big kid trip to the Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Library and Museum. 

We dropped these kids off at their homes and immediately left for a funeral three states away. It was a very hot and very busy camp week. I always make Shutterfly photobooks for each family for Christmas to help remember all our camp memories. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Gramma Mimi Camp Day One

I will admit that when I held my first Gramma Camp with my very first grandson I did not factor in quantity of future grandchildren and age of the gramma. But camp it is and here it is. 

My theme this year was construction. I had ulterior motives. Grampa retired last year and I was thinking this would take some of the pressure off Gramma. Unfortunately, my best laid plans went astray when our truck lost it's brakes a week before camp and the parts store ordered the wrong parts and the garage workshop was off limits due to the deconstructed truck. 
 Gramma Camp, where two year old use power tools. 
We did set up a tent and cut out our bird houses. This took all four days and only one bird house got constructed. 
Lunch in a tool bag and back to work!
We used squirt guns to tie dye some pillow cases. This was a big hit. 

While the four littles took a nap each afternoon, the four bigs did an engineering challenge. Our day one challenge was to build a ping pong ball roller coaster from straws. 
After nap we painted the wooden tool boxes that we had built first thing in the morning. We had wanted the wood glue to dry. 
We made construction site dioramas with stickers. 
And after supper, we went to my daughter's house to tire them out in the pool! 

Stay tuned for further Gramma Mimi Cousin Camp adventures!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Bedroom Set has Arrived!

This lovely sight is the deliverymen from Ewald Furniture delivering my Amish-made bedroom set. I had ordered it in mid-April and it was supposed to take 8-10 weeks. Since I had previously ordered an Amish-made dining room set, I know that handmade, custom furniture takes it's own sweet time. My target date was (hopefully) September 1. This was a nice surprise!
The new bed, bed springs and mattress. We did not account for the height of the frame when we ordered sky high mattresses! I have to use a small stool. But so comfortable!
These are the nightstands. They are wider than the look and the drawers are deep, too. They are the bomb! I am using them as additional dresser drawers. 
I switched the drawers. I which I had done it when they were delivered. Even empty and with those pads underneath, it was like pushing semi trucks. My husband has the taller one, I have the one with the most drawers. 

New bedding.  

This would have been an all star day for my grandchildren - furniture men in the house! But there was competition. In January we were awakened to fire sirens at 2:00 in the morning. Our neighbor's house, right outside my kitchen window was on fire. Unfortunately the family of three passed away. 
Finally, seven months later, the insurance company and the bank have gotten their act together and were going to tear down the burned down shell. The night before my furniture delivery the family and neighbors held a brief prayer service and balloon send off on the property. 

The grandsons of the day were only four and two. They had no memory of the tragedy and were just excited about demolition. They had front row seats with their lawn chairs in my side yard. The garden in the circle is a memory garden. I think that story will be my next post. 

Miss Merry