Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baby Shower Preparations #1 - Favors

We're expecting! Another grandson will be here soon and we are so excited. My daughters and I are planning the shower and I thought I would share all the preparation with you.

Our first post will show the favors. To start I painted 40 clothespins baby boy blue with Apple Barrel paint
Next I created some labels, printed them and attached them to brown paper lunch bags.
We are holding the shower in an adorable coffee house in a nearby community, so I thought the labels were very appropriate! 
Next, I gathered the "filling". I found individually packaged cappuccino mixes at the Dollar Store, along with these little baby blue bags to package some tea. I love the saying I found for the label on the tea bag.  I colored the "HE" part of the candy so you would remember that we are expecting a "HE"!
The clothespins were dry, so I decorated them with white polka dots by dipping the end of my paint brush in white Apple Barrel paint and dotting the clothespins.
Okay, I thought those came out pretty darn cute!  I inherited boxes of miscellaneous from my mother, including lots of vintage paper doilies. I just happened to find this unopened package of 40. I folded down the bags, folded the doily in half and attached it to the top of the bag with a clothespin.
I hope the guests enjoy them!
Stay tuned for more Baby Shower preparations and the Big Event!
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Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape

My favorite pastel dish collection! The egg plate was my grandmothers. The tablecloth is just a flannel backed picnic cloth from Big Lots with a lace tablecloth from Dollar General on top.

Easter 2010

It is so much easier to get ready for a holiday meal now that my five children are grown. Trying to dress all five and myself for church, get the house clean (especially to Gramma standards), the food ready, heading to church, rushing home to finish the meal details, keep the baskets hidden in a tiny house; holidays were never the picture book perfection that I had hoped and planned for.

Now I have plenty of time to start preparations a day early. I wake up to work on the final details. Have time to dress and comb my own hair - AND I can set the dining room table days in advance. Then I can add more ornaments every day!

The kids seem to have better memories than I do, thank goodness! My youngest is 25 and they still gather before the big day for the Easter egg decorating with their dad. Decorations and sayings are added in crayon before plunging into the hot water and vinegar bath with the good old food coloring. Eggs still carry the same heartfelt messages - "Boys Stink" "Marissa is ugly" "I am the Favorite".

I still hide the baskets (this year - bags), hopefully outside. This year Easter was a warm and sunny morning and the bags were hidden in trees and bushes. To entice the teenagers into continuing the Easter hunt, I had been hiding cold hard cash in the plastic eggs. Now that they are in their twenties, chocolate works just as well!

We had three extra guests at the last minute, so we set up more card tables and made room for all! Two were children which always makes a meal more fun. A day of new memories.