Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo 2009

I had great plans for my Cinco de Mayo Tablescape. My inspiration was this piece of vintage fabric in my treasure drawer. When my grandmother passed away, I found a whole box of fabrics, some ready to become dish towels or placemats, some half completed, some never started. I made my way to the Dollar Tree to see what help they could provide!

I was able to buy the plates and bowls for $1 each (everything is $1 at the Dollar Tree!) I spied the flowers, several woven placemats, retangle and circle, with banded edges in yellow and orange, the nifty metal garden signs and a flashy sombrero. Yes, all for $1 each.

That was the beginning of the end. I decided to clean my entire house, which began with gathering all the clutter and depositing it in my dining room. I had a day off on Monday- which was to be my organizational housekeeping day and ended up spending the day at the doctors. The clutter has to go before Saturday when my grandchildren, ages 2 and 11 week old twins, pay a visit! I cancelled my family dinner, have been purging, dusting, and shuffling all the things I cannot part with from one side of the house to the other. Luckily, at 11 p.m. on Wednesday night, I located my purchases from last week, and I am setting the table just for you!
Well, the placemats I purchased covered too much of my fabric, so I used just one of the round ones to hold my centerpiece. My planned centerpiece was the sombrero filled with flowers. What looked great in my mind looked very different in real life! I grabbed the basket off a shelf to hold the flowers and the candle holder off my window sill. The napkins were more vintage finds from my grandmother and great aunt.
I guess that's it. I had planned to feature pictures of my favorite mexican foods, my mexican lasanga, homemade burritos and my famous (well, in my family anyway) Taco Tarts. I was even going to share the recipe since I knew you would all want to make your own once you saw how delicious they looked. I had hoped to talk my daughter into bringing over her Margarita Machine (yes, she really has one!). I am going to save all those ideas for next year!
I can't wait to see all your tablescapes; your creativity astounds me and the beauty of the tablescapes is amazing! I love reading all your comments and feel like I am joining a new group of friends. Thank you for letting me share with you!


  1. I love that material you used. I think your Cinco de Mayo tablescape is darling.

    Don't you love Dollar tree! I did a Cinco de Mayo table this week too and used stuff from the Dollar tree and other 99 cent stores.

    I hunted for those plates you got but sadly they didn't have them at my dollar tree.


  2. You did a great job mixing everything for your tablescape! Dropping by from BNOTP.


  3. What a festive table. The table runner is perfect with those dishes.

  4. Glad you posted your table even if it wasn't all you hoped it to be! I enjoyed visiting your blog today!

  5. You got me at "Taco Tarts"... where's the recipe!!

    great fun Cinco de Mayo table!

    thanks for visiting me.

    have a great weekend, Kit

  6. How pretty. I agree, I wouldn't want to cover that fabric up either. What a perfect find. I adore vintage table linens, but have a hard time sometimes putting a table together but you did a wonderful job. Those dishes are from the dollar store! They are perfect.

  7. I love the table runner! It's so cute!

    --Alison (

  8. I love your Cinco de Mayo tablescape! It's so festive and fun.


  9. What a colorful and festive table! Love the table runner. Please come back and sign up for my giveaway! Happy Mother's Day!...Christine

  10. Love the vintage fabric! Dollar Tree is always an adventure, you never know what you'll run across! Thanks for visiting & Happy Mother's Day :-)


  11. Every post on your blog made me feel happy. I liked the bright and cheerful feelings.

  12. What a beautiful tablescape, I love the vibrant use of colors. Fun times at this table. Thank you for stopping by to see my mothers day table.


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