Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Isn't this centerpiece lovely? It was a gift from my youngest son's girlfriend. Her aunt makes them to sell at craft shows. It is so Victorian and so "Christmasie"! It inspired me to wash the Christmas China and set the table! I have to confess though, our "real" Christmas Dinner was an all day buffet with over twenty guests who had to use foam plates. I would like to have a wonderful sit-down dinner with everyone, but I have not figured out the logistics of how to find enough room!
I started collecting my Phaltzgraff Christmas Heritage in the 1980's. I was at May Company after Christmas and it was 70% off! I bought a four placesetting set.  After that I was shopping every December 26, visiting the outlet store, shopping from the catalog!
I have lots of pieces! Unfortunately they have discontinued the pattern, so now I can only search at garage sales, flea markets and ebay.

Don't you love the poinsetta napkin with the bedazzled ring? I found them at Kmart on December 27. Fifty percent off! I went back today and got more napkin rings.

The angels came from Kmart, too. I really don't neeeed anymore Christmas, but I could not resist!

The gingerbread men placemats were a Kmart purchase before the holidays. I wanted to do a gingerbread table, but never had the time. Don't worry - they were already on sale!

They used to offer a Christmas bell each year in the Christmas Heritage pattern. The tree is one of the bells. I had hoped to eventually have one for each placesetting.
Santa is another of my bells. I had four of them, but there was an incident inside the china cabinet and now I am down to three. :(
The snowman salt and pepper shakers came from Family Dollar. To your left is a basket filled with candies. The basket was brandnew in an unopened box at a flea market. It cost almost nothing!
A better look at the placesetting with the goblet added.

My niece stopped by Ohio from Mississippi and said she would love to dine at this table. I told her it was just for fancy today.
I think I finally have a nice shot of the goblet. They are really very pretty and were a gift long ago from my sister-in-law.

A special table for my grandson. He love his own candle that really flickered. He said "It's cold, gramma mimi!"

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  1. Love your pretty Christmas pretties -- I especially like the way you've displayed your village -- and the little trees inside the cups of your china.

  2. So pretty! I love those Phaltzgraff dishes and very much remember shopping at May Co. I love that centerpiece...what a sweet gift. I am a huge fan of Kmart's Country Living line and it looks like you got wonderful goodies there. Your village reminds me of the one my sweet mother-in-law used to set up.

    Happy New Year's!

  3. Oh my, what an amazing village display.

    Happy New Year. Hope to see you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Your village display is amazing. As is your table. I love that china and the train just makes it all the more specials. Your Christmas goodies are delightful. Happy New Year to you and yours, may the new year bring lots of blessings!

  5. Lots of pretty Christmas at your house. Hope you had a good one. Happy
    New Year.

  6. Your table is so charming! That centerpiecs is beautiful...and into every tablescaping life a few foam plates must fall!!

  7. How cool is that village??!?!?! Wow!!! I like it! And I hope you do a gingerbread table next year...that would be neat to see! Looks like you got some wonderful bargains for this Christmas table setting, and it looks very nice. Don't you just hate it when companies discontinue patterns??? I hope you're able to find all you want in the coming years! Have a happy new year!

  8. Are you sure you don't live at the North Pole and go by the name Mrs. Clause? What a gorgeous, festive home!
    Your little grandson's table is darling!
    Wonderful stop!

  9. I love your Christmas Heritage dinnerware. It makes a wonderful holiday table. Your poinsettia napkins are perfect.

  10. Love all your decorations. Just gorgeous . Hope you and yours have a Healthy and Happy New Year.

  11. I had those same dishes, I wonder where they are! Your table looks beautiful and thanks for rattling my brian, I'll have to look for those dishes.

  12. Everything is really lovely! I think that centerpiece that your son's GF gave you is really pretty. Apparently, she's a keeper! Grin.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have been AWOL with inlaws and am just getting a chance to catch up on blogs. So glad that I didn't miss this.

  13. Beautiful tablescape! And you are right, the centerpiece is lovely! Happy New Year!...Christine

  14. Thank you for stopping by and commenting -- so I could find your blog, too. Your Christmas table is lovely, and I happen to really like the booster seat! We have a special guest who requires one, too, and Christmas was extra special this year because of him! I really like the multiple levels in your Christmas village; it adds a great "realistic" touch to it. And next year, if you decide to go with those great gingerbread men placemats and do a Gingerbread Christmas, you might get a few ideas here... Happy New Year to you and yours!

  15. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    Happy New Year!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Two wonderful tablescapes! I have to confess, I adore the one you did for your grandson! So cute!!
    Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year. look at all the Christmasy stuff you have! I especially like the village.

  18. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Lovin' your beautiful plates and great centerpiece! Happy New Year:@)

  19. Your Christmas village is incredible. I love your attention to detail. You have a lovely collection of bells. I use to buy them for Mr. P's daughter in law I haven't done that in years now. Thank you for swinging by and saying hello. From our home to yours Happy New Year!
    hugs ~lynne~

  20. What a lovely home you have and such wonderful Christmas decorations...thanks for joining me at my Raggedy Ann blog....blessings,Shelley

  21. I love your Pfaltzgraff Christmas Heritage plates. They look so lovely and clean. I also like your Christmas village scene. I put one up this year made entirely from the little porceline houses sold at the Dollar Tree. My husband set up a small train set running thru them and filmed it for youtube.


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