Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I used to spend every Saturday morning in the fall running up and down hills, across fields and panting to the finish line. No,  I was not a distance runner. I was a Cross Country Mom! My oldest son started running on the Cross Country team in his seventh grade year. Next we added my youngest daughter and then finished with my youngest son. I believe we spend at almost eleven years getting up early to put the runner(s) on the bus by 7:00 a.m., dashing home for one more cup of coffee, heading to whatever golf course or park was hosting the invitational that Saturday, shelling out $10, $20, or $30 for commerative t-shirts (depending on how many I had on the team that year). For each division, we would  position at the start, dashing to a hill top to see them go by and cheer, dashing across the field to see them go by and trying to dash one more time (if I could make it) and then heading to the finish to cheer them over the line, all while monitoring coffee intake - enough to keep warm, not enough to use the rustic or plastic facilities. And planning at which diner or country cafe the parents would stop on their way home to meet the bus. The first Saturday in September after my youngest had graduated, also the same week my husband changed his work week to Tues - Sat, I awoke wondering what to do with myself?


The photo above is the actual flea market I attend, about 30/45 minutes from my house. When gas was much cheaper, I was there almost every Saturday during the summer and fall. I am embarassed to admit that this was my first trip this year! And it almost didn't happen. My daughter had a week's worth of lesson plans to write and I had promised my Sunday School that I would get the halloween haunted house decorations from my attic; but when we woke up at 7:00 to 65 degrees and sunny skies, we couldn't resist jumping in the car and hitting the road.
 This basket wasn't the first thing I bought, but it was the smartest. It has a super sturdy wooden bottom and handles and was priced at only $5.00! I spotted it under a table while I was already juggling some random dishes. I think I will take it with me everytime!
 Yes, it is ANOTHER Hostess Set. I am obsessed with them. I finally have a plan. When I win the lottery and open my tea room, I plan to use them for a cup of soup and a half sandwich. I saw 10 plates with gold trim and six matching cups. The lot also incuded 3 mis-matched tea cups for $10.00. I decided to think it over. On our way out, I checked to see if it was still there. The price for everything had been reduced to $5.00 - so I snatched it up!
The mis-matched cups include two of the adorable flowered ones on the left and one ivy cup on the right.

Aren't these plates adorable? There was a set of four luncheon plates and four matching dessert plates.
 Here is the back.  I live near Cleveland so I assume they were unwanted family heirlooms.  They were only asking $8.00 for all eight. I was juggling all of them when I found the basket.
 Didn't they all just nestle so nicely in the basket? 
 Most of the blue canning jars were going for five to seven dollars without caps and ten dollars with the metal caps. I found a case of TWELVE for only $7.00 and some of them even had caps! I love to put them on my window sills and watch the light come through.
On Monday we went up to my daughter's house to visit with my grandchildren. I actually shot this picture through the dashboard window on my husband's truck while waiting at a gas station.  I love the Autumn leaves!

I haven't done any more tablescapes yet. Instead of saying "someday", I have mailed out invitations to an Autumn Tea Party to my daughters and daughter-in-laws. Now I have to set a pretty table! I will sure to take plenty of pictures to share.

Thank you all for visiting and for your sweet comments. I try to visit everyone, but for some reason blogger does not always let me share . . . Last week I visited very single one of the Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch and I think I had fourteen tablescapes that Blogger would not allow me to place a comment. (so maybe 15%)? I am sure the problem is me and I will try to work on it. I do want you all to know how much I admire your creativity!


  1. The problem with Blogger is NOT you! It's always been hit or miss for me, too. and, it's frustrating because you want to leave a comment that says I TRIED TO LEAVE YOU A COMMENT!!! Your flea market shopping sounds like so much fun, and you certainly acquired some great treasures. Glad to hear I'm not the only dish juggler! Thanks for inspiring me to go to a flea market and I will be back to see your tea party!

  2. What a great haul, is the ivy cup Limoges?
    I have tea and coffee cups and saucers in a very similar decor.
    Happy TT

  3. I would love to do that - I love mis-matched China and it's so fun to look at the stamps on the back and find out where things came from :) stopping in to follow from the blog hop - hope you have time to visit and return the favor soon - ohh and you can enter to win a copy of my book :)

  4. I love the luncheon and dessert plates, very pretty. Great price on those gorgeous blue canning jars!

  5. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. Your hostess set is charming and I love the idea of using them for soup and sandwich!

  6. Great goodies you found at the flea!
    Glad you got to make it there this year.
    Looking forward to seeing your tea party tablescape for fall.

  7. Your Haviland plates are a real find. I love the shot of your canning jars with the light coming through -- gorgeous!

  8. Great finds!


  9. My son ran cross county in high school and college so I know what you mean. Sometimes we would travel 3 states away to see him run in the woods and run out! He's 26 now and appreciates that we came to see him. Sounds like a great flea market and you got some great treasures.

    Robin Flies South

  10. What great treasures. Thanks for sharing the fun.

  11. That's an absolutely great finds. I drool. Looks vintagy...

    TY for sharing us the fun....


  12. What great finds! I have a feeling I will be a cross country mom one of these days. My 7 year old is already running a few times a week with my husband...they really love doing it together. Have a nice weekend and thanks for the visit.

  13. I love your finds and I love the hostess sets too. I only have clear glass ones, but I love the white ones. My son is in his Senior Year and his last Cross Country meet (State) is on Wednesday. I have loved it and most of all I have loved it for the good friends he found when we moved to our new area (they were also runners). So sad it's over. I do have a 5th grader who is interested. I wish we had a flea market like that near by. Joni

  14. Great deals on everything, but I particularly like the Haviland plates (I was almost certain they were Haviland even before you showed us the backstamp). The blue jars were an amazing find as well!

    Hope you have a great week!


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