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Brooch Bouquet

******NEWS FLASH******
Our mystery is solved! Thanks to Ruth from PA who messaged me that the mystery brooch/pins are actually vintage curtain tie backs from the 1940's! We are so excited to finally identify the beautiful centerpieces of our bouquet. Now that I know what they are, I might start another collection! Thank you so much, Ruth, for helping us solve this question. 
When my youngest daughter announced her engagement, she also announced she would like to carry a Brooch Bouquet in her wedding. Since this was our fourth child to get married, as well as the third wedding since 2010, and since her young brother had gotten married only nine months before, you would think that I would be "in the know" on all these new fangled wedding things. But I had not heard of a Brooch Bouquet. I did think it might just be a big undertaking since she was hoping to schedule the ceremony in three months (thank goodness she stretched it to five months) and browsed the internet and Etsy to see if we could just purchase one. After finding out the cost of purchasing a ready-made Brooch Bouquet, I agreed to help with the project.

It turned out to be about a thousand times harder, took about a thousand times longer than I had planned and was a thousand times worth it. My grandfather was a jeweler and I may have mentioned in past posts that I am both family curator and family dumpster. I have inherited the remnants of a jewelry store that closed in 1968 as well as the jewelry collections of 3 generations. I don't want anyone to think this is an organized collection. A few weeks after we began the project, we were cleaning out a shed. There was an old metal potato chip can from my parent's garage with a garden tool, some old tupperware, other odds and ends and two brooches. It is that kind of collection. However this did save us a small fortune in the cost of even dimestore brooches.
Miscellaneous collection of brooches from my stash

More Brooches collected from my house.
If you want to start this project, you will need brooches. You should pick a number and then try to accumulate about 100 times that number. A good suggestion would be to look for the largest brooches you can find so that they take up more real estate on the bouquet. We started at a flea market (since I wasn't sure I wanted to use "real" jewelry) and bought a handful of cute pins. We did use them to fill in around a few tiny open spaces, but you really need large ones. I had previously come across some collections of some kind of antique pin or buttons (and if you know what they are, please tell me!) and these were our starting point. They are as big as an half dollar and have a very sharp pin back point on the back. I kept them in frosting containers since they were so sharp. The pin back is small and I am not sure how they could be anchored with anything.
These are some of the mystery pin/buttons with a very sharp point on the back. Some are metal, some are enameled and some are celluloid.  I wish I had taken a picture of the back, but I am never taking this bouquet apart! And I want to apologize for the quality of the photo. I have a feeling I took it with my flip phone. 
We purchased large styrofoam balls to use as a base (see further for better recommendation) and began to layout patterns. I preferred a symmetric pattern, the bride preferred more random. It was her bouquet and she was totally right. Her design was perfect! We also practiced layouts on an aluminum pizza pan (seen on right). We were still struggling with how exactly we were going to anchor them in this ball.
 We also did not like the look of the styrofoam between the brooches. We tried several ideas such as covering the ball in lace and fabric, but then decided to try silk flower petals.
These are the silk flower petals in layers, They are very thin and came with a tiny hole in the center, just perfect for wiring.
 I had not remembered, but I guess we found white floral tape, but it really helped blend the wires into the bouquet. At the top right, you can see brooches with wires wrapped in the white floral tape and a flower petal backing - they are laying upside down, ready for insertion in the bouquet. 
I had a package in my miscellaneous craft closet. We liked the effect, but when I tried to find more, I discovered they were a 1970's fad and were only available at a cost more than we preferred at places like Ebay and Etsy. We do have a local craft store, still manned by the owner, George, who is now in his 90's. George found a case of assorted colors in packages in his storeroom and sold them to us at the price listed on the 1970's price tags that were still attached! Whatta guy!

Meanwhile, the only "brooches" we could actually attach were the pin backs and that was just for looks, not stability. I did a little youtube research and they suggested attaching wires and hollowing out the styrofoam. Fortunately, before I attempted the styrofoam butchering, we took a little road trip to Hobby Lobby for paper to make the invitations and I found a large styrofoam 1/2 circle that is hollowed out! I can't remember the cost - maybe $15? It is worth every penny. And in case you were thinking this would be a money saving bouquet project, I will advise you at this point that it will NOT.

Also note; this project will go faster if you have a place that you can leave it undisturbed. We worked on my dining room table and had to completely back up after each session due to visiting grandchildren.

We purchased thin jewelry wire in gold and silver (it is on spools like thread). We either twisted it to the ends of the stick pins on back, or wove it through the brooch or tied it or whatever we had to do to make a loop. We used long strands and did not trim them.
This shows the brooches with just the thin wire attached. We found it was not strong enough to push through the styrofoam and had not yet found the heavier wire that we would wind the thin wire around. You also see some bouquet holders we thought we could wire in - you CAN'T. It will not hold the weight.
We then attached the jewelry wire to the heavier floral wires that you see folded in half. We actually cut them in half with some nifty jewelry tools we also purchased, which made them about 9-12 inches long. We twisted everything as tight as we could while stabbing our fingertips and then wrapped it tightly in floral tape. If you look in the picture, I think you can see brooches in all stages of this process. Be warned; it is a lot of trial and error.  Here the lovely bride-to-be is posing with the final plan of attack.
Here you can see both the styrofoam ball we started with and the half circle we went with.
We soon realized that the ball would not lay flat with the long wires sticking out the back. Our first remedy was to set the ball over a small mouthed one quart canning jar. As you insert more brooch pins, you will need to switch to a wide mouthed jar. And we switched to a large, two quart jar. I guess in a pinch, you could find a nice vase, too.

After hours of wiring, rewiring, taping and poking, the bouquet was arranged! The next question was - how was she going to carry it. At this point we began to realize the weight of the bouquet. All those brooches and wires made the styrofoam quite "weighty" and our plans of using plastic bouquet holders of some kind was out of the question. We also had to do something with all those wires extending from underneath which are needed to keep the brooches in place. We had wrapped them in more wire and twisted to make sure that no one was moving. I again turned to youtube where I found a young lady with a great mind who suggested using a pool noodle. GENIOUS!!!!
We pinned lace on the underside of the foam to give it a nice edge using metal floral picks. They are "u" shaped and sold next to all that floral wire. 
We wound all the wires together, cut a portion of the pool noodle in the size she felt comfortable with, slit the pool noodle to allow us to place the wires and then covered it with ribbon! It worked perfectly!!!
And now we are just getting silly with the completion of the gift card birdcage and the bouquet. 

And a family friend designed and created the birdcage veil to feature another brooch. 
The bouquet did its job, they are pronounced husband and wife (isn't he handsome!)

Yeah, and here is the family. A friend took this while we were trying for a nice family portrait for the Christmas card. Do you notice the new guy is the only one posing for the camera? It was a chilly October day to be standing out by the family homestead on Route 547.  I was horribly disappointed at first. Then I realized that this is what reality is. And I used it for my Christmas card!

And to further prove that she is my daughter and prone to wild and crazy thinking, she included all of their nieces and nephews in the bridal party as their "little loves". Yep, all of them.

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  1. Oh, my! Where to begin! I loved this idea and had never heard of it either. Your wonderful description makes me almost want to try it! Lol... I used to be crafty, I thought. Lately, not so much. The no stay is incredible. Love all the pictures if the wedding bunch! You look so beautiful and happy. I'm just tickled to read about a young person liking old things! Yay!

  2. What a beautiful bouquet for the beautiful bride...I had never heard of of a brooch bouquet, either.
    I love the family photo, everyone looks natural instead of staged,
    Enjoy the weekend, Miss Merry!

  3. That picture cracked me up! It's perfect just the way it is :)

    I've never heard of a brooch bouquet, but it turned out beautiful. I'm amazed at all the work that went into it and she looked beautiful.

    I'm happy to see a new post from you Miss Merry. I love all your comments :)


  4. I never heard of that either but it is just beautiful!!! And what a lovely couple they make. Your daughter is beautiful.

  5. It's beautiful! I know you could sell those, but I don't know that you want to make another after all the headache. And both your daughter and her new husband are going to make precious-looking children.

  6. Beautiful brooch bouquet! Your daughter and entire family are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Was this ever a fun read!!!!! :) Love it. Beautiful work, lovely bride and family!

  8. Beautiful bouquet. My cousin did one when she got married and lots of family and friends donated brooches to it. Made it even more special. Yours turned out so pretty.


  9. A very unique and pretty bouquet. I love thaat your daughter included all the little ones in her wedding!

    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.

  10. What an amazing project!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely, and so unique.

    Love that you used the mostly un-posed pic! Real life! Yessss!


  11. Noticed, your comment on 'Oatmeal and Whimsey' blog, that you have a scanner. Me tooooo. But don't usually turn it on, except on "big nights" in our small city. Meaning, nights when the town is hopping with tourists. :-) Nights of the big races, in the summer, etc.

    Oh and New Year's Eve! -

    It's great to sit safe at home, enjoy some 'bubbly', and listen to the wild stuff going on...... downtown. ,-)


  12. Gorgeous! What a special contribution to your daughter's wedding! Blessings, Cecilia

  13. Gorgeous! What a special contribution to your daughter's wedding! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. Gorgeous! What a special contribution to your daughter's wedding! Blessings, Cecilia

  15. What a beautiful bride! I love the brooch bouquet. I had never heard of that but it is quite stunning. I like the cookies you made and decorated too. Beautiful!

  16. Love the bouquet and what she wore in her hair. A beautiful bride and groom. You have a wonderful family. Those grandbabies just make me smile.

  17. I made one for my daughter last year. Actually, today is their first wedding anniversary. My technique was quite different. I wrapped each pin/brooch using floral wire and then wrapped that in tape. You can see it on my sidebar if you'd like.

    Congratulations on a job well done! Your daughter looked beautiful and so happy on her special day.

  18. WOW! I LOVE this bouquet. I have collected so many brooches over my years of antique shopping, maybe someday my daughter will use them this way! LOVELY


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