Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gramma Mimi's Wild West Cousin Camp 2015- Day Two

We started the morning with waffles with strawberries and mounds of whipped cream. 

Then we headed outdoors to pan for gold!

A gold nugget!

We sprayed the nuggets with vinegar and voila! We found gold dollar coins!

Which we took straight to the dollar store!

Then we headed to our local history museum to see some arrowheads. 

We listened intently to the tour guide. 

The museum had us pose for a picture as we left for home. 

After lunch, we painted Lone Star birdhouses.

Some of us needed a little help painting. 

These cowboys are making trail mix for snack. 

We went outside to play and touch up our birdhouses.

For dinner we had git along little doggies, buckaroo baked beans and tombstone taters. 

And Lone Star pies for dessert. 

We made lightening bugs after dinner. 

They really light up!

The babies went to bed and the older campers got a surpise.

Their favorite characters . .. .

were featured at the drive in!

Settled in with snacks for the movie!


  1. You are such a wonderful grandmother, Miss Merry! I can tell your grandkids had a great time :)


  2. Oh, Dear Heavens, Child!!

    How on Earth are you up to coming by to comment today? I'd still be curled up in a cool dark room for quite some time, I think. And I'm THAT GRANDMA of the family, as well, with all the planned activities and special trips and dress-up-all-day occasions. We've had quite some times during Grands' visits (have to get in as much as possible in the maybe-twice-a-year get-togethers with some of them, and all that fun and laughing Plumb Wears Me Out. When the last car tootles out of the drive, bandannas and white hankies waving, I go back in, have a long, luxurious shower with the good-smellin' stuff, and go back to bed. Whence I usually emerge about suppertime, as Chris comes in the door with a Sam's chicken and some nice soft croissants, bless his understanding, loving heart.

    Girl, you DO beat all---I've read only two days of it, and I need to go sit a spell with a cold drink of ice-tea.

    I love the planning and the making and the doing (also well-known for naming even the food cutesy appropriate names for each day's theme or persona), but I don't see how you do it. (spoken as a fellow devotee of overdo and way too much, all simply gobbled up and delighted in by the younguns, and enjoyed and remembered with great glee and fondness by us all).

    You're a Younger Gal than I am, Gramma Mim!


  3. oh, what a fun fun post! I loved it. Your kiddos are so sweet and your ideas are just outstanding!


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