Monday, October 12, 2015

A Mini Vacay

 My husband actually took a vacation this past week. His vacations are scheduled by November of the previous year, but he has a habit of getting involved in projects at work and cancelling them. Therefore I had already committed to a few activities. 

We had to wait until I attended church and taught my Sunday School class (and did a load of laundry) before we could pack and hit the road. And we had to return by 5 p.m. on Wednesday for a mandatory meeting for another church group. 

I got online before we left and booked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night at the Children's Halloween Package rate (the lowest online special) so two baskets of Halloween toys greeted us.  I can use them for treats for the grandchildren. 

We covered everything in town by Monday night. My husband was ready to leave Tuesday morning, but we had already paid for Tuesday night. My next post will be the magic that happened on Tuesday. 
Can you guess where we were?


  1. I cannot guess, but it certainly looks fun! Somewhere German? That clock tower looks familiar.


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