Friday, January 31, 2020

It's February, So Let's Wrap Up Christmas

My original plan was to post all my cute Whoville decorations BEFORE Christmas, but that did not happen. I did get them all done before Christmas, the grandkids enjoyed them all, and I already have a theme in my mind for next year. 
Let's start with the ten most adorable grandchildren in America. The only decoration on this wall is the "gumdrops" on the valances. 
And let me share how much fun the Christmas bulb light up necklaces were! And how popular the saran wrapped candy ball was with the younger crowd!
Okay, well all the windows ended up with these garlands. I strung my Christmas cards underneath. 
And I had enough to stretch across the bottom of my bookcase where I display all the "grandkids with santa" photos from each year. 
I don't think I ever got a good picture of the tree. Can you see the hook I made on top to make it a "Grinch" tree?

I did manage to take my tree down by mid-January and put all my Christmas decorations away by last week. My husband disagrees with this statement as my village is still up. I am trying to convince him it is a "winter" village. 


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! This is the cutest post ever! I cannot begin to imagine how full your hearts were to celebrate with 10 grandchildren. Ten! I loved thinking about all the laughter and fun. It makes me smile to think about those ten grandchildren who will always say, "Remember the year we had Whoville?" LOVE it... What do they call you? I cannot wait to hear your theme for next Christmas. I loved the stockings and pictures of Santa and your babes... treasures.

  2. Oh, Miss Merry! I am so sorry I have not been over here! I used to stop by and there was no update so after awhile I stopped checking evidently. What gorgeous Christmas decorations you did with Whoville theme! You are so artistic! I love the tree, the garland and those boards are out of this world! You are amazing and what beautiful grandchildren you have!


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