Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roosters in the Roost

I started with adorable chicken salt and pepper shakers
from my friend "Sam" 
Sometimes, you just can't stop!  Last Saturday morning I just happened to be at JoAnn Fabrics as they were unlocking the doors.  On my way to the pattern section, I passed by (very slowly) the aisle marked "50% off" and stopped in my tracks.  Could those be more chickens?  I decided to improve upon my last week's tablescape. 
I started by placing a small table out under a tree.

Then I started layering!  For the first tablescape, I used one of the blue plates
from the set I purchased at an auction a few weeks ago. 

Next I added the cutest melamine Rooster Plate! Isn't it adorable?  Unfortunately, it was the only one left. At 50% off, it only cost $1.50.

I used my accessories from last week with a few new addtions. Do you like the yellow pottery cream and sugar?  They were in a box I found in my gramma's attic after she passed away, but are not marked.  I have a whole collection of cream and sugars from that box in my china cabinet.  The matching Red Rooster napkin was also the LAST one at my JoAnns! 
This was so much fun, lets try it again!
I started with one of my pfaltzgraff plates (the same one as last week).  I wish I had noticed the reflection in the silverware;  I would have tried some fancy photography!
Next I added this adorable rooster plate. (JoAnn's)

 I have these plates in my dining room right now  and everyone who comes in thinks they are "real" plates.  Unfortunately, in the sunlight, 
I cannot fool you with my paper rooster plates!
Here is the finished table with the red plate.
I discovered 5 of these chicken hooks for less than $2.00 each.

Thank you so much for visiting!  I apologize for not getting to too many tablescapes last week.  We spent Saturday with my 2 year old grandson and his family who were visiting an area waterpark.  Sunday was spent babysitting our 3 month old twin grandchildren  while "big" brother went to meet Thomas the Tank Engine.  I marched in the Parade with my 4-H Club members on Monday - This seriously affected my tablescape gazing! My goal this week is to visit everyone and admire all the gorgeous tables!

I will be linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch!
Thank you so much to our hostess, Susan!


  1. Oh, I love your rooster plates and all the mix and match!! JoAnns is one of my favorite places to shop, too! Enjoyed my visit...

  2. I love the colors in this rooster tablescape! I like using rooster hooks as napkin holders. Joni

  3. Sometimes mixing and matching is the best and this tablescape is beautiful!!

  4. We're a mix and match family too! Fabulous paper plates- really adorable!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Wow! I love the rooster tables, such charming ideas and cute decor!

  6. So cheerful. I love it how you used the blue plate in the middle of all of the reds.

  7. I like roosters, a lot! Very cute.


  8. I really enjoyed your layering and the mismatched dining room table is great. I like to mismatch. It's so much fun to start with something and create a table around it...

  9. Miss Merry, I ♥♥♥ your table! I think you did a fabulous job layering.

  10. No wonder you like my country table - it's the CHICKEN thing! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, loved having you! Come back any time - and stay awhile! Have a wonderful week. Sandi

  11. I love your rooster plates. I also love that rooster napkin. Very cute.
    Come by my blog and win $50 CSN gift certificate.

  12. love your rooster accessories.. quite clever using the hooks for napkin rings.. you've certainly opened my mind now! Thanks for the kind words on my blog too ;-)

  13. I love your tablescape with the rooster theme. You got some pretty good deals!..Christine

  14. Well hello Miss Merry! I was just peeking through the beautiful Thursday tablescapes, an event I hope to eventually join in on ONE OF THESE DAYS! (haven't found the nerve yet!).. Well, I saw a glimpse of your roosters, and of course HAD to stop by! I LOVE roosters, and from generation to generation I collect them. I display mine in my little country kitchen, in my little 2-bedroom apartment in the city!.. (A girl can dream, right?!!).. Love all your roosters, set in beautiful reds, blues and sunny yellows! Nice to meet you today, and I look forward to visiting again! ~tina

  15. Very festive, creative, and colorful! My favorite part was your grandmother's yellow pottery cream & sugar. What a nice little treasure she left for you to find and enjoy!

  16. Hello Miss Merry. We have passed along an award to you. See for yourself:

    January Asia & Steven Hui

  17. Miss Merry,
    I do love your rooster plates and what a lovely tablscape you have put together for us to see!!

    Charming!! I am so partial to red in the kitchen as I have it in mine!!


  18. I waited for those same plates to go 50% off but they were gone by the time I stopped in. They do look does your whole table. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment. Patty

  19. Very cute table, Miss Merry! I live close to the main headquarters of JA's so I'll keep an eye out for both those napkins & plates for you. They are DARLING!!

  20. Hey, as far as I am concerned grandchildren can be blamed for just about anything!! Aren't they soooo precious and wonderful????!!! You know I especially loved the yellow creamer and pitcher set on your little table--loved the contrast in the colors and the splash of sunshine it gave! that is an idea!\\

    Nannykim from the monkey blog and other spots too!

  21. Mixing, matching and layering...make for an beautiful tablescape! I adore your roosters!
    504 Main

  22. Both of the designs are just adorable! Love the bright colors! Now I think I need to find a Joann's!!



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