Monday, June 7, 2010

Sugar Pie Farmhouse "Watermelon and Fireflies"

Oh my, oh my - what a week I am having! Last weekend The Caffeinated Globe passed on the Trendy Blog Award to me. Then , on Monday morning, I received an email from Aunt Ruthie at the Sugar Pie Farmhouse that I was one of the submissions chosen to be included  in her brand-spanking-new Ebook!  The title of the book is "Watermelon and Fireflies" and it includes 51 farm fresh  ideas celebrating the Good Ol' Summertime!
I was so surprised and honored.  When  Auntie Ruthie asked for summer memories that we could share, I was more than happy to reminisce about the summers that all five of my children were still . . . well, children! To thank me for my contribution, Aunt Ruthie gifted me with  (one) free download of her book - and it is TERRIFIC.

I hope that you all have all ready joined the Sugar Pie Sisterhood, but if not , just click below to get to Aunt Ruthie's fabulous blog.
And if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Ebook (do be aware that it requires a new color ink cartridge and a bit of time to download all those GORGEOUS full color pages); well, then just click right here for more information.
I do believe that my next step might just be to search my purse for four quarters and buy a lottery ticket! I think I may be on a roll!


  1. How fun does that sound! The title includes two of my favorite memories from summers spent growing up in rural Missouri. There are no fireflies in So. Cal where I currently reside, but I hope to have them on warm summer nights when I relocate to Tenn in the next few years after retirement.

  2. I love your picket fence! I think a home with a picket fence says there is a wonderful family inside that home that I would love to meet. And through blogging we get that opportunity. Love the book.....I miss the fireflies from my youth.
    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you come by often. Joanie

  3. It's me again.....I am now a follower.

  4. Thanks for your sweet visit! We had such a great time with the girls -- congrats on all your blog honors!


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