Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bible CSI - Part 1

For nineteen years I taught the first grade Sunday School class at our church. Before you start thinking what a great gal I am, I will admit that the first thought that occurred to me when I was first asked was that if I had to be there to teach Sunday School, that means I will not be able to sleep in on Sunday morning. And that would assure that I would be bringing my own children every Sunday, too. The first day of year twenty, I was innocently sitting in the back pew (my usual spot) when the coordinator approached me and said, "We lost our middle school teacher, so I found someone for your spot and moved you up". So, before I could scream "NO", or even catch my breath, I became the middle school teacher. This lasted six years and last year I decided to retire. I am still available as a "substitute" and the new middle school Sunday School (or PSR as we now call it) is a nun! Much better suited to the position. Unfortunately she sometimes has better demands on her time and the students are forced to hang out with me. This is usually a last minute phone call and I am usually pretty unprepared.

When I was notified two weeks in advance that I was needed this Sunday - I decided to revive and refresh one of my favorite activities: BIBLE CSI.  I didn't come up with this on my own - I need to credit two websites where I found inspiration and activities. These are (this one is a sample from a book I need to purchase):  and

The kids have no idea that they are participating in this activity and I am sure their expectations based on past experiences with this particular sub are rather low. I hope they are intrigued.

I have created name tags that say "Bible Crime Investigation Squad" and have numbered my squads from 1-6. My hope is to hand out nametags randomly and split up the "cliques" a little bit. They will recieve a 3 x 5 card and pen and head outside to write there first impressions of the crime.
I went out to church earlier today (in a rather biting February wind) and staged the six scenes. I will recreate them before church so that we can head straight to the scenes of the crime.  After a few minutes we will return inside where I have envelopes in the squad room for each team. Each member will recieve an official crime scene investigation report form to complete, an envelope of clues (bible passages to look up) and a set of the crime scene photos. They will need to write up the report with the suspect(s), victim (s), and crime hypothosis that they will have to justifiy with bible verses and commandments.

As you can probably tell, I am very excited and hope they will be, too. Here are pictures of all six crime scenes. Can you tell who, what, where, when? I will try to post pictures of the investigation and answers soon!
Crime Scene #1- O Brother Where Art Thou?

Crime Scene #6- "Put Your Hands Up and Step Away from the Dream"

Crime Scene #2 - "Gone to the Dogs"

Crime Scene #3 - "Flirting with Disaster"

Crime Scene #4 - "Family Matters"

Crime Scene #5 - "American Idol"


  1. What a fun idea and a great learning experience. That's a rough group to teach. I bet you were crushed when they changed your class.
    I agree, giving up sleeping in is a real sacrifice, but so appreciated.

  2. Interesting post Miss Mary!
    Hope it was fun for you today.


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