Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snow in April

Our granddog has moved in with us for the time being. This morning when I took her outside before work, we were both shocked to discover that it was snowing. April snow is not a surprise in Ohio, but it is a shock after the 80 degree days we enjoyed in March.
It was a light snow - tiny little white dots all over my black sweater. I turned and saw that some spider webs in my front garden had caught the tiny flakes and turned them into (temporary) flowers.
I ran inside and grabbed my camera - hoping to catch a picture of what I knew to be a fleeting, fun tease of Mother Nature.


  1. I heard that north of us was getting snow. It was sure cold here yesterday and the sky looked like snow.
    I just thought of you.....thinking of how beautiful your table would be for Easter.

  2. We had snow most of the day on Wednesday, it didn't stick thank goodness because I don't think I could handle that after those beautiful 80 degree days a couple of weeks earlier. Hopefully things are looking up in Ohio next week as that will mean Michigan will be warming too. Stay warm.

  3. Snow? Wow, it has been warm here all week. I hope you are warming up. Spring time is do beautiful.


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