Sunday, June 17, 2012

Civil War Reenactment

It is raining cats and dogs right now and we are all so grateful. It has been so dry this summer and I can't remember the last time it rained. All of the grass is brown and even turning white. We have a lot of farmers in our area and I am sure they are praising God right now!

Earlier today we took my father over the the Civil War Reenactment at our local Veterans Home. He used to participate in these events and has a wool uniform in his closet. Thank goodness he did not remember that since it was 89 degrees when we started out.
Guess what this tent is "reenacting"?
My husband figured it out right away! Would you like a lemonade, sir?
And how about a nice, cool compress?  I think he has forgotten is wife is behind the camera!
We finally talked my dad into walking over, but unfortunately I don't think he understood what was going on here! He told them they should be wearing heavy dresses and hats.
I had to share this photo - it is Abraham Lincoln taking a digital picture of the museum on the grounds. Too funny.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Merry,What fun! Thank you for the encouraging words.I'll be back stronger than ever :)


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