Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Days

If you have been following me lately, you know that I am unloading my troubles on everyone's shoulders, as well as this page. One Monday, one of my wonderful daughters took over the care giving for the afternoon. This gave my husband and me a much needed break. The weather was actually comfortable, instead of the 95 to 100 degree temperatures we are experiencing this year.

We took a drive to Lake Erie to a small community that provides a covered swing by the inlet to watch the boats enter and leave the bay. We enjoyed the peacefulness greatly. Although I did not take any pictures of the boats (not sure why), I thought I would share this interesting shot.

I am old enough that I remember when this was a working grain mill. The concrete silos were filled with grain that was ground into flours and carried away by railroad cars. It has been out of business for quite a while and the property was purchased by the city in hope of converting all of into some kind of resort or hotel. The economy and condition of the building prohibited that idea. About a year ago the decision was made to demolish the facility.
Before the explosion of the building part with 800-1000 pounds of explosives, a crew from the Discovery Channel's Haunted Collector program visited and filmed their season premiere. There were several deaths of workers in the grain mill's history and I don't know if I want to see that episode or not!

We did not "attend" the explosion or implosion or whatever. However, the new fad is now to visit the site where they are demolishing the remaining silos. One afternoon the silo on the right began to collapse on a piece of machinery. No one was hurt, but now people are gathering across the bay just to watch and wait! It is like waiting for the Leaning Tower of Pisa to topple. Once a week the wrecking ball swings and then they seem to spend the rest of the week crumbling the stones into smaller and smaller pieces to be hauled away to make new concrete. Who could have guessed that this would turn into a recycling project!

We eventually left to enjoy a nice lunch at a restaurant further up the lake and then my "date" returned me to my dad's house. Before curfew! Just like the good ole days!

Here is another shot from a visit to the site with  my dad. The weather was much sunnier when we arrived and you might think that it was a beautiful day with this blue sky. An unfortunate side effect from this summer heat is the pop up storms that are resulting.  After about 15 minutes, a small craft warning was issued and all the boats cruising from the lake into the bay, sometimes three abreast with the smaller boats and jet skis. We shepherded my dad back to the car before the storm hit and there was quite the storm on the way home.
I hope that none of you are suffering terribly with all the power outages. I feel so sorry for those that the storms are affecting.   UPDATE: I have heard a rumor that the silo on the right has now toppled!


  1. Glad you got away for a bit. Hope things are going "ok".
    I didn't know about this place. Interesting for sure.
    Take care.

  2. Being around the water is always so peaceful and I am glad you had a little break. I have such fond memories of being at Lake Erie around Marblehead and fishing with my grandparents.
    I saw that show with the mill in it. It was fascinating. I guess things change but some things just make you sad to lose them. Hope the storms are not causing you problems like that is near here.


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