Sunday, May 4, 2014

Downton Abbey Tea Party

Let's take a break from the Baby Shower Preparations and attend a Downton Abbey Tea Party!
This party was actually scheduled for January, but I live in Ohio and we were inundated with so much snow this year, the Friends of the Library had to wait until May to reschedule it!  I invited three of my "tea" friends to accompany me.

We started with a delicious cup of Earl Grey Tea!
And then were served some "light refreshments". This was day three of my latest diet and I would not call this a "light refreshment!"
We were served by volunteers from the Friends of the Library, straight from Mrs. Patmore's kitchen!

Our first speaker was Laura Loew from Lost in the Past, Medina, Ohio. She was fabulous! Attired in a 1925 frock and accessories (DA - Season 5), she began with an outstanding presentation of the fashions featured in each season of Downton Abbey. 

The tea was held in our local Episcapal Church which was originally built in 1818. This hall showcases windows and the woodwork from the original structure, but was built around the 1860's. 
 Laura showed magazine pictures from the day and compared the fashions worn on the show.
Laura is very knowledgeable about the costuming on the program and pointed out ensembles that were period, rental costumes and newly constructed.
Laura shared information from interviews with the cast members. Did you know that all of the women's contracts require that they are using sunscreen at all times in order to maintain those gorgeous white complexions?  In Downton time, only field labors sported a tan!
Anna surprised me the most with her "real life" self! Laura also brought a special outfit that she had selected for each character from her own vintage clothing collection. Outfits included complete accessories and sometimes included shoes! I will post more of these photos at the end of the blog. 
We were then served our "sweets" course during an intermission.

 Our next speaker was the program director for our local PBS station. She shared film clips, cast information, behind the scenes stories and interviews and updates on Season Five as well as other programs that we all follow on PBS! 
The PBS presentation was followed by a costume judging. Here are just some of those who came costumed in a Downton Theme:
And here are some of the outfits that Laura brought from her personal collection:
I am sure you were able to match each outfit with the character!

The tea was just lovely. I am hoping for a repeat next year.

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  1. What a fun Downton Abbey tea to attend! Both speakers sounded excellent! Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful event. Thanks so much for sharing. Obviously, a lot of work and planning went into this to make it fun and successful.

  3. Looks like a fun time. A friend recently visited Winterthur to see the exhibit of Downton Abbey clothes.
    Thanks for sharing the event.

  4. Great pics and looks like everyone had such fun! So lovely to find your blog, Miss Merry, and thanks so much for your visit. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Miss Merry,
    Thank you so much for visiting me, its a pleasure meeting you. I love Downton Abbey and even my husband watches with me. What a fun day! and the guest speakers now amazing were they! I really enjoyed your post and now follow. I look forward to visiting again.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  6. What a lovely day You had.I love tea parties and this one looked fun and interesting too.

  7. Oh my - what a super fun post - and I would love to go to a D.A. party! Unbelievable. I do love the show and watch it on my ipad. I just love the beautiful clothes and furnishings in the show.


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