Thursday, December 3, 2015

Baking Christmas Cookies

I used to be quite the cookie baker when I was a stay home mom. I thought it just wasn't Christmas with at least a dozen varieties and different icings and decoration. I made cookie trays and cookie boxes as gifts and had dozens and dozens to serve on Christmas and the weeks that followed. 

I do remember one particular Christmas after I returned to work. I had mixed up a refrigerator full of different cookie dough to chill and the demands of five children, school plays, gift exchanges and my work schedule and the piles of laundry had left me no time to bake. My plan was to get up at about 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve morning so I could bake what I could before leaving for work and icing what needed icing after I got home. Behind my back, my dear, loving husband had tossed the dough (I could have never done this - what about the cost of the ingredients?) and picked up a tray of very nicely decorated cookies at the bakery to serve on Christmas. This is (and reasons like this) are why we are going to be celebrating 40 years of marriage next fall.  He balances my crazy, obsessive nature with a teaspoon of common sense. 

Meanwhile - this year I am babysitting for three of my favorite young men, my youngest grandchildren. This morning while his partners in crime (aged 14 months and 18 months) were napping, one of my favorite elves helped me bake some cookies. 

Using the step stool to reach the counter, he carefully put the store bought, sliced cookies on the baking sheet. 
My elf added decorative paper doilies to the Styrofoam plates so that the boys could take cookies home to their families. 
And there is our plate of cookies. Nothing fancy, not really "homemade" - but made with love and help from my favorite 3 year old. And we may not be making our own cookie dough, but we are making our own memories! 


  1. How sweet to have such loving help for the holidays. I love that he placed the doilies under the cookies, what a perfect touch to add. Sometimes I miss baking all of those cookies for the holidays, but then I remember how much work they were. I am hoping that our three year old and six year old granddaughters will be able to come over the Saturday before Christmas and help me bake a couple of recipes. I love watching the kids try to decorate the cookies, gosh that is so much fun!

  2. I think this sounds magical... cookies look great!

  3. And you would think only girls like to have cookie fun, but look at your cutie fixing the plates carefully for his friends. He's adorable!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my bundle of joy.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Memories really are al that matters. Some of my best memories are when I was able to help my grandma in the kitchen and he'll treasure this time with you forever :)


  5. Memories are the best part!!!! I hardly baked this Christmas... I totally cheated and hosted a cookie exchange. Make sure to post pics of the room you are working on, I feel your pain ~ sorting and deciding what stays and what goes in no easy task. Have fun!!!!! Happy New year.

  6. Very special. I used to let our son help me with baking when his big sister was at school. Good memories. If I ever have grandchildren . . .

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