Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pride Goeth Before Destruction and an Haughty Spirit Before A Fall

Well, I must be getting pretty prideful and horribly haughty!

Actually, I had thought my life had gotten a little easier. I have been caring for some of my grandchildren; different ones on different days, but not really any days off. My son was bumped to second shift and I suddenly found myself with 2 1/2 days a week without children!
I decided to clean and organize my bookshelves. 
When we built our addition in 2004, my dear sweet husband built me a wall of bookshelves - all the way to the ceiling. These tough and sturdy shelves are two books deep and I file them just like the former library assistant that I am. Fiction is alphabetically by author, vintage children books and history at the very top and non fiction to the far right. 
I was moving along on my ladder, one set at a time. Moving all the books to my dining room table and the top of my toy shelves. 

Scrubbing the shelves and letting them dry. 
Dusting the books, sorting, culling, and re-shelving one section at a time. 
I was going like gang busters! Up and down the ladder, books piled here, books piled there. Gleaming shelves!
And then it happened. I had just gotten to this point - ready to start shelving M-P when
Well, actually I don't know what happened. I felt myself slipping with an armload of books. I fell toward the counter of the bookcase striking my left elbow and hand and bounced toward the sofa on my right. I thought I could catch myself, but pitched into a wooden bench striking my right hip, my legs tangled in the ladder, my foot then striking a chair and then I landed on my stomach on a box of picture frames. 

Unbelievably only bruised, nothing broken. 
But I am not sure when I will be finishing the bookcase project. 


  1. I almost couldn't read this because I kept squeezing my eyes shut! I cannot believe you are okay from all that. Better take it easy. M-P had better wait. Guess you wouldn't like my fave way to do book organizing! By color! I know. It kinda hurts to break up a series! But only a little.

  2. Oh my. So glad you didn't break something. That is a library, wow.

  3. Oh, MY DEAR!! Just reading the succession of it, in all those slippings and strikings and landings---it's enough to send chills and cringes up my empathy nerve. And I truly believe in that "passes before your eyes thing" in which you live every single step of the split-second experience in slow little film frames, click by click, sensing and feeling and remembering each and every bit of the downhill slide. I really wanted to treat it like a scary movie scene, and LOOK AWAY, but was rapt with horrified fascination in the telling of such an ordeal, and was practically chanting Don't Be Hurt Don't Be Hurt under my breath for the whole paragraph. Oh. My.

    From the sound of all the contacts, you are just blessed to have no breaks, so I'm saying a prayer of thanks right now.

    And that BOOKCASE!! Bright and white and sunny with all the light and order---my shelves (Daddy, the artiste extraordinaire, built them in two different visits---one is one book deep, and the other length is magazine deep) are a scattershot of decades of collecting, lending, reading, replacing, culling, adding-to, gifts, and who-knows-what acquisition, and are as like to be Christie side by pearls with Star Trek as anything else. They're added to and subtracted from at silly whims---my McDonalds go out when I feel the call for some Travis McGee, My Graftons take me away in that little bug with Kinsey, the Austens and Dame Agatha have a sacrosanct place at the top, each and all of each author sitting demure and serene above all.

    And three whole shelves are two separate collections of Louis L'Amour---one my Daddy's lifelong supply, and one which belonged to DDIL's late Grandmother. So the entire bunch is from our Sweetpea's two Great Grandparents, one on either side. I think that link is charming and sweet.

    I just came by to say Thank You for the congratulations---we start our SECOND Thirty Years together today, and I appreciate your sweet thoughts. And your own little meeting story---now that, like ours, is an absolute WERE MEANT TO MEET story if I ever heard one. Your young Knight was right right there for the rescue, and the confluence of events and emotions and circumstance which led to your being THERE, in that moment, that frame of heart---mind boggling. And 40 Years!!! What a lovely milestone.

    Feel better, my Faraway Friend. Rest and Heal and take care of YOU.


  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself! Gosh, you're lucky you're only bruised. I have fallen off a step stool before and hurt myself. It scared me to death! You were probably getting tired when it happened. You certainly have a lot of books! Take care of yourself and take it slow getting back on that ladder.

  5. Yikes! That must have scared you to death! I'm so glad you're going to be okay. Don't worry about the shelves... just take care of you.


  6. Your bookshelves are awesome. I'm so sorry about your mishap! I agree with Rue--take care of yourself.

  7. You did a great job organizing your treasures... books! Your book shelves, or home library looks marvelous.
    I'm so glad you didn't break anything my friend. God is good.
    I just posted a table for Valentine's and I normally do stand on a chair or stool to take some shots of the dishes and hubby is forever warning me that one day I will fall and I hate to hear him... but! It could happen.
    Thanks for your sweet visit.
    Happy Valentine's.

  8. How goes the recovery? Thinking of you!

  9. What nice bookshelves you have! And oh so many books! I hope you are feeling well. love,

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