Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It has happened! It took 6 years and 4 more grandsons, but the score is now Boys- 6 and Girls - TWO!
The Lovely Lydia was born on April 19 at 4:09 p.m. weighing 7 pounds and 8 ounces. She is perfect from head to toe and we are all in love with her! 
Lydia's mama is a teacher and her birth came at a perfect time since mommy only had five more weeks of school. Mama is able to stay home with the Lovely Lydia until the first week of September when classes start again! 

Lydia's mama is my youngest daughter and partner in crime. We have all sorts of adventures planned for the summer.  My only concern is that mama has been my assistant for my Gramma Mimi's Annual Cousin Camp and with eight campers this year ranging from age 2 months to 8 years, it is going to be a handful! I can't wait! 
This is Oliver. Don't you want to cuddle him?
Lovely Lydia replaced our former baby-of-the-family as her cousin Oliver was 11 weeks old when Lydia joined us.  And Lydia is expecting TWO new cousins on her dad's side this very week!  In this family you are not the baby for long!
This photo was taken at one day old. I took my gift bag to the hospital and we had a mini fashion show while dad left for a little while to catch up on some sleep! 
I have been collecting items for a baby girl for a while. I put together a blue and a pink gift bag each time and the pink bag just kept growing and growing! About a week before the birth I threw caution to the winds and purchased the pink hair dye, just in case! I wanted to be ready.  

I love dressing my little dolls for my Christmas Card photo. Two years ago they were mini railroaders on a train and last year I dressed them in Rockabilly at a vintage gas station. My plan for this year was to dress my granddaughter as a Beauty and the seven grandsons as the dwarfs! I really never dreamed I would be the gramma of TWO princesses! Back to the drawing board! 


  1. Oh she is so cute! Precious!

  2. OH, HOW DID I MISS THIS!! What a sweet, beautiful little girl---and such decorum, such manners!

    I'm so pleased for you---your tribe is growing even faster than ours, and with two more coming soon---what blessings.

    You know, you could STILL to the Fairy-Tale thing, with little Lydia as the Sleeping Princess, and that absolutely charming blondie---your own gorgeous Sandy-from-GREASE at the GARAGE Camp---as an elegantly chic Black Queen, in flowing robes and a bright-polished apple on her palm. My Ganjin mind just leaps to all possibilities, when planning little fun stuff for GRANDS is involved.

    Congratulations to one and all, and I KNOW you had a splendiferous Mothers' Day!


  3. Congratulations on all those babies! You sound like such a fun energetic grandma! Nancy


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