Saturday, June 4, 2016



This is my oldest granddaughter after a long hard day at Gramma Mimi's Second Annual Cousin Camp last year.  I chose it because it pretty much expresses my mood right now. 

I have shingles. I thought I had to wait until 60 to get the shot (which will be September).  Even my doctor told me that. After someone I knew got shingles, I even thought about just paying for it myself. I was told it was $500. That is not true either. Our insurance will reimburse at AGE 50. My 58 year old husband ran to get the shot as soon as he saw what I was going through and paid $243 which will be reimbursed by our insurance company. I understand with certain chronic health issues can get the shot early too. 

I cannot explain the pain and agony of this goofy disease. I am on medications, one of them for pain, and last night I would have graded my pain level was a 9 on a scale of 10.  My daughter told me to quit being a hero and go to the ER for a shot. Right now my next pill is 4 hours and 7 minutes away and I am at about a 6.  Today is going better since my doctor tripled my pain meds. I slept for over 2 hours this afternoon (the first time for a nice deep sleep in four days, only to be awoken by a telephone. The rash is on my left side and is located from my waist to my knee. New patches are appearing daily. It affects the nerves so I have constant internal pain in my leg from my heel to my hip (my sciatic nerve). 

I could write forever about how painful this disease, but I also feel guilty because I know others are suffering without the fantastic support system that I have. I am the family caregiver for my own family and extended family and my dear husband stepped in the role with so much caring and compassion. I just love him so much. My children are all helping with moral support and my oldest daughter even drove from 2 hours away to drop off meals from herself and her mother in law. Whatever help I could possibly need is in place and I know I am so much more fortunate than others. 

I am angry because I cannot be around infants under the age of 1 (and I have two newborn grandchildren), pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.  

I am angry because I had to miss our city's celebration with musicians in all the store fronts because I can't be around people. I am angry because I had to miss a monthly lunch with a group of old friends, I am angry because I had to miss a niece's graduation, I am angry because I can't attend church tomorrow (and this is just this weekend).  I am angry because I cannot swim until all traces of the shingles are gone and it could take weeks. And my daughter just bought a house with a pool. 

All this could have been avoided it if I had just gotten the shot. 





  1. Oh no Mary. That just sounds awful. After the commercials on TV we got our shots. Our insurance covered them.
    My son had shingles when he was only 30 but it wasn't too bad for him. So we aren't really sure he had them. How long do you have to be away from everyone. So glad your hubby and family are helping.
    That new baby is just precious. Can you Skype with the little ones.
    I had an exhausting week. Another medical scare but I am okay.
    Feel better. Hugs

  2. I did get the shingles shot because I have heard how awful shingles can be. I hope you will be all well soon and can rejoin family and life and fun.

  3. I tried to get the shot last week, but in Illinois, I have to have a doctor's prescription to get the shot before age 60. What a hassle!


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