Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Month of June is for Brides!

Thank you to the Creative Country Mom for the inspiration for a June post! June is the month for brides and I have some special photos to share with you. 

The photo above is my beautiful mother on her wedding day. I have this dress in my closet. My daughters tried it on as teenagers and could not squeeze into it. Not only is the waist so tiny it is unbelievable, but the sleeves (which button all the way down) were so narrow they could not get their arms into them. 

My oldest daughter married in 2001 and wore this lovely gown. 
And last summer I had her five year old daughter's photo taken in the same gown!
Isn't she precious?

Then my second daughter was married in this gorgeous gown. 
And here is the Lovely Lydia wearing mama's gown and her fascinator while clutching her great great gramma's pearls (top photo, second from the left) that her mama wore at the wedding. 
Lydia's mama wants to take a photo of her wearing mama's gown every year. What a treasure!

And here is me - in my 1970's quiana knit glory. I let my daughters play dress up in my dress and it was dirty and stained. When I needed it for a fashion show, I wasn't sure it could be saved. I sprayed it with Shout, ran it through the washer and hung it dry. It was a good as new LOL. 
Weren't we adorable? 

Thanks for going with me on this trip down bridal memory lane!


  1. Merry what a wonderful post, I love all of it.What a fabulous idea with the children in Mommies gowns for formal photo's. I've seen a lot of little girls in their Mom's wedding gown but none done formally. Merry, don't wait for teaching to do Bible journaling, start Yours first.You'll get hooked.Look on Pinterest for ideas. Hugs and blessings-Denise

  2. Your husband looked like a rock and roll singer in the 1970s wedding photo. Such a sweet picture!


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