Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Moment, a Memory

This was not the picture I planned. I knew that a portrait with a 6 month old, an 8 month old, two 2 year olds, a 4 year old, two 6 year olds and an 8 year old would be a challenge, but silly me thought the babies would be the issue. I did bring M&Ms to bribe the 2 year olds and that is the only way we got them in the picture; I just wish they were forward facing. The worlds most patient photographer, Sweet Pea Photography by Liz, took a zillion shots and I just wish I would have clutched the cape that was supposed to hide my tummy just a little tighter. But the setting and the colors are perfect and this photo captures a moment in time that I hope all of these precious grandchildren will remember. I know I will. 


  1. Perfect photo showing family love and autumn theme.

  2. such precious image... precious moments captured forever on a photograph. Keep it in your heart always... and enjoy them all!


  3. Miss Merry.....that is the most beautiful picture of a family I have ever seen! You are blessed to have them and vice versa!


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