Friday, May 26, 2017

Bicycle Planter

All winter I was searching Pinterest for ideas for a bicycle planter. I was searching Facebook garage sales for used bikes. One afternoon I spotted a listing for a dusty bike pictured from the back in a storage unit. $10! I was on it. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to have a basket attached!  
I had pictured my bicycle planter in pale pink, but I had a can of coral spray paint left over from a previous project.  Well, it took FIVE cans of paint to completely cover the bicycle, including the tires. One can each side to prime the bike, one can each side to paint the bike and one can to cover the places I missed.  This added $25 to the cost of the project. 
The largest cost turned out to be the new tennis shoes I put back on when I changed to my painting clothes. Completely ruined. I even had paint on the soles from tracking on the tarp.
 Just as I pictured it! My husband added plastic zip ties to the tires and frame prior to the fifth and final coat of paint. The tires, which are flat and rotting anyway, can not turn. I have not yet attached it to the tree, but I may just do that in case of a strong wind.
 I bought a hanging basket with liner on sale (cheaper than the liners alone). I positioned the liner in the basket and will show you the basket at the end of the post.      
  Next I filled the liner with Miracle-Grow potting soil. I did adjust the basket later so that it leans more toward the street.
 I wanted a pretty full basket so I placed purple salvias in the back, yellow marigolds next, coral impatiences since they match the bike so well and then vinca vines to trail over the basket.
I love it already. I just can not wait until the flowers grow larger! Maybe next year I will add rear baskets, too.
I used the extra plants for some small planters. The stands were leftover from one of my kids weddings and I painted them to match.
 And here is what I did with the hanging basket that came with my liner. I turned it upside down and made it a canopy for my fairy garden!  I hope to train some vines to climb it.
Meanwhile, instead of bedding plants this year, I am adding color to my landscaping with painted signs. Every morning when I hear the latest catastrophe of our government, I try to relieve my anxiety with my paint brush instead of screaming. Here are some of my recent sign boards.  



  1. You go girl! Sorry about your new shoes but that bicycle is priceless! The plants you chose are so pretty and wait until they fill will be lovely! Your garden/landscaping is so nice...I could only wish mine looked like's a jungle down here! LOL! I adore your signs and I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  2. The bike is so fun. And the upside down basket was a clever idea.

  3. That turned out really cute, Miss Merry! I like the coral :)


  4. Oh, how I love today's post. Your bicycle is super special and your workmanship looks to be tops. What fun you must have had. I am sure you will enjoy it for a long time to come. I like how you are channeling some of your thoughts into your artwork. It's great when you can make lemonade out of lemons! Have a great weekend. Mary

  5. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of your posts.


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