Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Planning my Summer

June is just around the corner and summer will be here!!  I am currently providing day care for my younger grandchildren (aged 4, 3, 2, 15 months and 12 months). I was having a little pity party for myself when I realized that two of the moms are teachers and starting in June, I will only have the 4 and 2 year old two days a week! 3 days off! It is a summer vacation.    And at the end of July I will add one more person to the day care - my husband is retiring!
Ever since my oldest grandson was born, I have tried to schedule a week in the summer for Gramma Mimi's Cousin Camp. Luckily the oldest three are the out of towners and are potty trained. They are the only overnight guests. Everyone else lives locally. 
Last summer was a huge challenge. I was stricken with a horrible case of shingles over Memorial Day Weekend and could not get into a doctor until it was too late to get any medication to help me. The whole experience was pretty devastating and I would urge anyone who has not had the shingles vaccine to contact their doctor immediately. As I shared last year, I was months away from my 60th birthday and had planned to get the vaccine, only to discover that my insurance actually covers the shot at age 50. It has taken me months to recover and I am still suffering from some nerve damage.
Nevertheless, camp must go on! The cousins all look forward to it and so do I! We had an abbreviated camp last year.  The activities were pretty simple and we really did not do field trips and outings.    
And luckily Aunt Sissa bought a house with a pool! It was a great place for everyone to burn off some energy since there was a lot of video watching in the schedule to give gramma time to rest.  
My four year old was invited to spend one night at our sleepover. I really have to limit the overnight to those no longer in diapers. Eventually it may be the whole crew!
I made it all winter without visiting a doctor and now, at the end of May, I am battling bronchitis.  I have chosen the theme for this year, I have mailed the registration forms (with important questions like What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? and How late would you like to stay up?).. Since today I am trying to rest in my recliner during nap time, instead of cleaning, cooking and trying to accomplish all I can before they wake up - I am planning the itinerary. I hope I am up to this!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how much fun, yet tiring and chaotic it is to have all those kids around! What a fun grandmother you are!

  2. You are a wonderful Grandmother for sure! I would need help....lots! LOL! They are going to have such awesome memories of you and your summer camp!


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