Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Life can be so cruel. And that is the thought that will keep me awake tonight.

I saw a post on facebook. A local family's life has gotten even worse.

Worse than the day their little boy kept falling down at a tee ball game. And they found out he had a horrible disease that would leave his body a waste. And worse than the day they had their other little boy tested and find out he would have the same fate.

The community has watched this adorable little boys grow up into inspirational, kind, intelligent men with twisted bodies. The family has always been overwhelmed with the kindness shown to them by every organization and person who has helped as much as they could.

The time has come where the oldest son is ready to leave us. Hospice is at the house and a friend posted something about a "meal train". A service to the family where you could sign up to bring dinner one night on the calendar. I signed up.

Tonight was my night. It wasn't easy. My husband scheduled an electrician to rewire our house starting at 6 a.m. Monday (and it took until almost 10 p.m.). All my refrigerator items had to take a trip across town for 48 hours to live in my son's frig. This put my grocery shopping a few days behind. The meal train required you list your menu in advance so I was stuck with my time consuming stuffed shells, a salad and a homemade pie. I had a lot to do today, besides all the cooking, so I was rushing and trying to get all this prepared by the late afternoon deadline.

So grateful my husband was able to deliver the meal with me.  We were able to meet with the father for a few minutes. A man whose only sons were dealt a cruel, terrible fate. A man who has had to watch his sons deteriorate every minute of the last 29 years. And a man who knew this day would come, but prayed and prayed it never would.

I cannot imagine the sorrow in these parent's hearts. I cannot imagine watching your dreams, your children, live life like this.

And as sorrowful as this time is, I cannot imagine the sadness and emptiness when this son leaves them

I cannot imagine what the remaining son is feeling and will feel after his brother passes.

I cannot imagine the emptiness when both sons are gone and this couple remains in that empty house.

Life can be so cruel.


  1. Where in Ohio are you? I saw that you visited an antique mall on Lake Erie. I live about 1/4 mile from Lake Erie. funny

  2. I am so sorry.... I can not even imagine the pain they are all going through. I'll pray for them.



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