Friday, July 10, 2015

Little Loves

I had mentioned in my Bridesmaid Cookie post that we had also made cookies for the flower girls that were on solid food. I was thinking (since the wedding pictures are starting to trickle in) that I should elaborate on that.
My daughter and her husband have four siblings each. Theirs was wedding #8 in the sibling statistics. This meant that by the time they were planning their wedding, they had an abundance of nieces and nephews to choose from for the wedding party.  They love to spend time and babysit all the little people and refer to them as their "little loves".  Rather than choosing a favorite (since they are all favorites), they choose them all.
This was not my first choice. I think is challenging enough to include a ring bearer and a flower girl in the group and they have FIVE nephews and FIVE nieces. Add to that the fact the oldest of the ten were a set of four year old twins and their six year old brother.  But the bride is always right and they were adorable.
The groom's step mom is a great seamstress and created gorgeous dresses for all the nieces. The three coral dresses for the youngest ladies were created from her daughter's former poofy prom dress which even included the ribbon roses. The two oldest ladies wore navy to match the bridesmaids.
The little boys all managed to find gray pants and white dress shirts (the youngest two in dress shirt onesies - who knew such things existed). And luckily I had plenty of bowtie making experience from the wedding last summer.
We also made sure that the "opposite" grandparents were all available to attend the ceremony and reception as "baby wranglers". Since the siblings were all members of the wedding party, we needed backup for these tiny treasures!
The wisest decision was that they were all a part of the wedding party, but not necessiarily part of the ceremony. The final decision was that the five oldest (2 two-year-olds, 2 four-year-olds and the senior six year old) would head down the aisle, but after the rehearsal, one two-year-old was cut. Guess which one!
 The oldest tried to step in and steer the others in the right direction!
And these two sweet cousins were in the back of the church sharing secrets.
 Even taking a photo was a challenge. After all the snapshots and the official wedding photos, the hoping on and off the couch, tipping babies and frustrated toddlers, frantic mothers and bored children, this is as good as it got.

 Totally adorable! Tyler, Avery, Drew, Ethan, Bryce, Claire, Sebastian, Emme, Ellie, and Abigail all a part of Aunt Sissa and Unkies wedding memories.


  1. This is one adorable and precious Wedding party! Made me smile all the way through, and their little dresses are darling.
    You all did a great job of getting them all together on the sofa!

  2. Awe what fun memories they will all have. When I was married all my nieces and nephews were in the wedding.

  3. So cute! I can't even imagine trying to wrangle all those babies at once. That picture is priceless :)



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