Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gramma Mimi's Cousin Camp

I always planned to entertain my grandchildren each summer with a Gramma Camp. I am not sure when I got the idea, but it was way before I ever had grandchildren!

I was my children's scout leader and always volunteered as a camp leader. My husband and I did a two year stint as the local day camp directors. (well, I volunteered and he went along with it!). I presented programs for years at our local 4-H camps. I guess I just wanted to plan that experience for my very own grandchildren.
Finally I had a grandchild! He lived several states away, but came to visit the summer he was 6 months old. Here is a picture from my first Gramma Camp. He is wearing a onesie I found that says "Camp Grandma". I believe it was a gardening theme.
Then I took a break for life, caring for both of my elderly parents and then another family member with issues. Summer of 2014, I revived the camp!

I was up to five grandchildren at camp time last year. The oldest had completed kindergarten and was aged 6, his twin brother and sister were 4, their cousin was 20 months and we had a new cousin who was born in May! The 3 oldest are overnight guests and I was glad I had waited until they were potty trained.

I planned several days of activities, crafts and field trips all tied to the Under the Sea theme. I made matching t-shirts for each day of camp and had themed food at every meal.
2014 Camp Photo with shirts. Assistant Camp Director, Aunt Sissa, on the right.

This year I have increased the number of campers to include another grandchild born 3 months after last year's camp and hopefully the 11 year old son of my oldest boy's fiance.  I plan to feature a series of posts of this year's theme crafts, activities, experiments, foods and outings.  Camp starts tomorrow and I can hardly wait!

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  1. I wanted to do this as well. Maybe an art camp. You are brave having the little ones as well. Perfect weather the last two days, well hot but better than the usual downpours. I liked your comment about me doing nothing. I told Hubby not to make grandkids plans til I recoop. I always love having them but with all else that is going on. Today I tool three naps. We have overnight guests from out of state. Not sure if I will be headed back to my mom soon. They are trying a strong antibiotic tonight and tomorrow. Her temp. is not going away. They don't have the test results yet. They should have never released her from rehab. Enjoy your little ones. Oh, the Doll Museum/Hospital is in Canal Winchester. We should meet half way. I could take the doll in and then we could meet half way to return her. Have fun. Hugs


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