Friday, November 1, 2013

The Picket Fence

Wow, almost a year since I last posted. Too much life still happening, but I do check in at least weekly to go through my blog roll and see what everyone is up to!    
We had a monster wind storm last night and this is what my picket fence looks like this morning. All damage to this section just due to wind. I am grateful I have power (some don't) and grateful no one seems to have been injured (although the buzzing of the chainsaws at houses surrounding me for the last 8 hours may cause me to start banging my head on a hard surface). Lots of trees down, some will be up to 48 hours with no power, children have the day off school, and limbs and wires everywhere, play sets and trampolines crushed. .

The back three side sections were attacked by a flying trampoline. These are not my lawn chairs, either.
We had a horrific tragedy in a neighboring community this week. One of those things you think can only happen in big cities or in a movie. Something that the town will never forget and something that families will never recover from. And an innocent person who got up that morning, sent her kids to school and husband to work and then went to work herself, at a business we all frequent without a second thought is lost forever. And a confused and tortured soul, someone she had never met before, gone, too - taking any explanation for this tragedy with him.

No profound thought. No solution. Just life.

Miss Merry