Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Decorating with my Bicycle!

It is really hard to get in the spirit of Christmas decorating in Northern Ohio. The temperatures again today are in the high 60s (which is crazy warm for this time of year) and my Amish hanging baskets are still flowering! We generally have frost before Halloween and I have nylon pumpkin baskets I hang for the month of October. I am not really sure what to do. My Christmas porch decorations will not accommodate three large hanging baskets!                                                             
I took a little shopping trip to my favorite store, Dollar Tree, and picked up a few white poinsettia flower picks, as well as some silver picks for accent.  The vines leftover from the summer planting remain vibrant despite losing the flowers to frost.  When I painted my bicycle peach, I was not thinking about decorating for Christmas! 
I found the snowflake at Dollar Tree along with silver foil gift wrap. My tulle ribbon is leftover from previous wedding decorating. It does not look much like Christmas with green plants and autumn leaves on the bushes!         
I tried adding some fake snow to make it look more like winter! I did not succeed very well. These filters and drawing tools are very tricky. I really need my 9 year old grandson to help. Or maybe Mother Nature!   
   What else have I been up to? Well, since retiring my husband and I provide day care for our grandchildren that live in town. We have 4 of our grandsons, aged 1-5 and one of our granddaughters, aged 1. Luckily we do not normally have all of them on the same day.
This week we got lucky and have had all 5 two days in a row. And today we got even luckier and have zero! I like to plan activities for them. I have lots of ideas for Christmas (Thank you Facebook and Pinterest) 
 My new problem is that, despite steroid shots in the palms of both hands in July, I cannot move several of my fingers. I have bitten the bullet and called my doctor to work on scheduling surgery on both hands. This should be interesting! 

Miss Merry