Saturday, September 23, 2023

It's the First Day of Fall

It is the First Day of Fall and I am ready for summer to be over. We had a humid and hot few months which waivered between draught and flooding.  Now we are under attack from legions of mosquitos, day and night. Some communities have added extra spraying. Our town doesn't believe in spraying at all so it is hard to make it from my house to my car without being bitten. I'm one of those who swells up like I have been afflicted with tumors. 

(My favorite artist and author, Susan Branch.)

In honor of Fall, I went to Big Lots and bought mini Santa mugs. Billed as "expresso" cups, the miniature Santa mugs were on sale for 20% off and I thought they would be perfect for a Hot Cocoa Tasting Party with different flavors to try.  I have 10 grandchildren and my local store had six four-packs of the mugs. I think that comes out to 2 1/2 mugs per child, but I don't think they will all be here at the same time.

I was looking around for little ceramic trays for the cups, but have thought the better of it and will keep my eye out for a little rectangular appetizer plates, hopefully in paper.  I could write the flavors on the plates while they are tasting. I might need to invest in a third carafe to make sure the hot cocoas stay warm. Can you tell I am a little excited about this? I believe I will pair the tasting with some cookie decorating too.   

Nothing like rushing the season! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

September This and That

We are keeping busy at the House with the Picket Fence.

As you have had to hear about over and over, I broke my humerus in 2020.  Last Friday one of my co-grammas tripped at work and broker her humerus. She is waiting to see the surgeon, hopefully this week. And on Saturday morning one of my eight grandsons fell off the monkey bars. He was pacified by a frozen treat, but couldn't move his arm the next morning. You guessed it. Broken humerus. He is in a temporary cast from shoulder to fingertips and will see a pediatric orthopedist in 10 days unless there is a cancellation. 

Last January my husband was just nodding and not listening and gave his agreement to purchase concert tickets to a show in Shipshewana, Indiana last weekend. We left on Saturday morning, arrived for lunch, visited several shops and didn't buy anything. Put an Amish dinner in the motel frig, went to the concert and ate dinner at 11 pm.  Left after breakfast and were home before lunch time on Sunday.  We sure do know how to celebrate an anniversary.  

My best friend who beat breast cancer five years ago, is battling again. Our friend group took her to lunch today as she starts 12 weeks of once a week chemo tomorrow, then another 12 weeks with once every 3 weeks chemo and then surgery. I really don't think it is fair that she has to do this again and am pretty mad about it. And I admit it is helping me be less sad to be mad. 

Our youngest grandchildren (the four year olds) are back in preschool and loving every minute of it. And we have 2 hours to ourselves in the morning now after feeding the elementary kids and putting them on the bus and then driving to preschool.  

I am not allowed to talk about details, but I was asked to serve on a "fake jury" like in the movie "Runaway Jury" and the tv show "Bull". It was a very interesting experience and they even paid me for it.  Today they reached out about working with them further.  I wish I could tell you all about it! 

I am calling them "side gigs", but now I have two checks waiting to be cashed, the fake jury and my poll worker stipends and I have decided to start a fund to renovate my dollhouse.  By renovate, I mean travel to cute dollhouse stores and purchase materials and have my sweet husband serve as contractor.  

My fall decorations are officially out of the closets and laying all over the guest room.  I am hoping fairies arrive some evening and decorate the house while we are sleeping. 

And that is it for Mid-September! 

Miss Merry