Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Current Score: Blue Team 6 - Pink Team 1

One of my favorite parts of being a gramma is dressing up my grandchildren (like little dolls) and having photos taken. This one always makes me smile. First because my husband is completing his 36th year on the railroad and second because those babies were not even in the picture. It turned out to be a cold and stormy day so we posed them one at a time in the bucket and they were photoshopped in. 
For Summer 2016 I knew I wanted Rockabilly. I scouted locations all summer and then pulled into my son's driveway one day and looked straight ahead at his 1920's garage. Later that month I stopped at Hobby Lobby and they had exactly 6 different metal signs in a grocery cart marked $1-$2 each. The rest was all in the top of our garage. Aren't they cute?
And here is a snapshot from this year's Gramma Mimi's Wild West Cowboy Summer Camp.

AND here is our latest little bundle of joy! Oliver was born on Valentine's Day - almost three weeks early, but weighing a whopping 7 pounds!  Don't you just want to grab him out of the photo and cuddle!

And for those keeping score, that makes SIX grandsons and ONE granddaughter. I am still thinking pink, though. We are expecting grandchild number 8 in April and mom is keeping the flavor a surprise. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pride Goeth Before Destruction and an Haughty Spirit Before A Fall

Well, I must be getting pretty prideful and horribly haughty!

Actually, I had thought my life had gotten a little easier. I have been caring for some of my grandchildren; different ones on different days, but not really any days off. My son was bumped to second shift and I suddenly found myself with 2 1/2 days a week without children!
I decided to clean and organize my bookshelves. 
When we built our addition in 2004, my dear sweet husband built me a wall of bookshelves - all the way to the ceiling. These tough and sturdy shelves are two books deep and I file them just like the former library assistant that I am. Fiction is alphabetically by author, vintage children books and history at the very top and non fiction to the far right. 
I was moving along on my ladder, one set at a time. Moving all the books to my dining room table and the top of my toy shelves. 

Scrubbing the shelves and letting them dry. 
Dusting the books, sorting, culling, and re-shelving one section at a time. 
I was going like gang busters! Up and down the ladder, books piled here, books piled there. Gleaming shelves!
And then it happened. I had just gotten to this point - ready to start shelving M-P when
Well, actually I don't know what happened. I felt myself slipping with an armload of books. I fell toward the counter of the bookcase striking my left elbow and hand and bounced toward the sofa on my right. I thought I could catch myself, but pitched into a wooden bench striking my right hip, my legs tangled in the ladder, my foot then striking a chair and then I landed on my stomach on a box of picture frames. 

Unbelievably only bruised, nothing broken. 
But I am not sure when I will be finishing the bookcase project. 

Miss Merry