Monday, August 15, 2022

Summer Whine -ding Down Repeat

1. Thanks to the former "Sam I am" who is now "Self Sufficient Sam" who told me there was something funky with comments on my blog. I am sure it was something I did inadvertently, but I think I fixed it. Thanks for your patience! 

2. Somehow this post disappeared and the only way I could republish it was as a "new" post. It was from August and everything below is exactly the same.

I want to apologize for leaving only cryptic comments and never posting. My keyboards and fingers are having issues. 

The keys on my keyboard are being obstinate. 
Different ones keep sticking, depending on what word I am trying to spell. I purchased a new keyboard to plug into my laptop, but the scale is wrong and it is a weird angle to use it comfortably. Bah Humbug. 

I am currently using a Chromebook purchased to help with homeschooling grandchildren during the Pandemic. Again the keyboard is smaller and so is the screen. Bah Humbug. 

I really don't feel like buying a new laptop (although I should) and I need to find the time to download all that stuff I should have been downloading on my external hard drive. And upload my pictures. And generally clean the thing up.  Bah Humbug. 

About 6 or 7 years ago I had surgery on both hands for various "trigger fingers", fingers that would freeze in a clenched position. It was not a pleasant experience and now I have two more fingers freezing in my right hand. I need to decide how I am going to deal with that, too. Bah Humbug.

And I am thinking I need to talk to my eye doctor about my cataracts, too. Bah Humbug. 

And my school teacher daughter and daughter in law are back to school and we have seven children under 9 here everyday for breakfast, lunch and amusement. I am attempting to potty train the youngest two. Bah Humbug. 

I plan to whine until September 1 and then get over it and make some decisions, appointments and purchases. Thanks for listening to my whine. 

Miss Merry