Tuesday, June 5, 2018

It is the end of the world as we know it

Yesterday I was taking pictures of bird's nests in my yard. Today men in combat gear with stocking masks on their faces invaded my neighborhood and grabbed working mothers, fathers and children. 
An area nursery was raided at the same time as a trailer park a few blocks from my home. Workers were rounded up and tied with twist ties. After a few hours, those who could prove they were American citizens were released. Yes, American citizens were grabbed, yelled at, herded and tied up until they could prove their citizenship. 

Meanwhile the same situation was happening at the trailer park where family members were baby sitting the children of the workers. Children that were playing at the neighborhood park yesterday while I was walking by with my granddaughter in her stroller. Children who are now frightened, hungry, cold and terrified by the loss of their parents who have been taken away without a hug goodbye or even knowledge of where their parents have gone. Since they are not citizens, the government does not have to give any information to the families. 

I cannot believe this is how Jesus wants us to treat fellow human beings. It is like living in a horror movie. I never thought I would see the United States of America become an armed camp of militants. I cannot stop crying. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Maternity Ward

While we continue to wait for my Amish friends to build my new bedroom set, I have some announcements here at the Merry homestead. We have opened a Robin Maternity Ward!
This mama robin built her nest only about four and a half feet from the ground in a tree on the border of my play yard and about three feet from my neighbor's driveway. Luckily my preschool grandchildren haven't noticed, but the teenagers next door have been driving her crazy peering in the next every time they leave the house. We have an announcement. It's Twins! I caught them with mouths wide open, waiting for mama to come back with some nice juicy worms. 

I was walking between my house and my apple trees on the opposite side of my yard when a mama robin started flapping and raising a ruckus. Silly girl, that just made me stop and look. Lo and behold another mama had built a nest about five feet from the group. She is very protective and I was lucky to get this photo. 
I think we are expecting a second set of twins! This may be the only photo I get of this nest. She recognizes me now and tries to dive bomb me when I walk anywhere near those trees. 

I had posted the photo with the eggs on Facebook and my neighbor asked if that was the tree between our houses. I went out to look on the third side of our house and another nest in another tree!
This mama robin is more scary than then the mama of nest number two. She would not let me more than four feet from her nest. It is a little higher and I tried to get my husband to come and take a photo in the nest while she stood by threatening us. He refused since she has tried to attack him when he tries to use the side door to the garage! She is very protective!

Meanwhile I did manage another peek at those little babies that had their mouths open a week ago. They have already gained feathers and barely squeeze into the nest. Our evenings are a little cooler this week and they should be nice and warm snuggled in there. 
There you have it! It is a Robin Maternity Ward here at the Merry House!

Miss Merry