Monday, August 13, 2018

Gramma Mimi Camp Day One

I will admit that when I held my first Gramma Camp with my very first grandson I did not factor in quantity of future grandchildren and age of the gramma. But camp it is and here it is. 

My theme this year was construction. I had ulterior motives. Grampa retired last year and I was thinking this would take some of the pressure off Gramma. Unfortunately, my best laid plans went astray when our truck lost it's brakes a week before camp and the parts store ordered the wrong parts and the garage workshop was off limits due to the deconstructed truck. 
 Gramma Camp, where two year old use power tools. 
We did set up a tent and cut out our bird houses. This took all four days and only one bird house got constructed. 
Lunch in a tool bag and back to work!
We used squirt guns to tie dye some pillow cases. This was a big hit. 

While the four littles took a nap each afternoon, the four bigs did an engineering challenge. Our day one challenge was to build a ping pong ball roller coaster from straws. 
After nap we painted the wooden tool boxes that we had built first thing in the morning. We had wanted the wood glue to dry. 
We made construction site dioramas with stickers. 
And after supper, we went to my daughter's house to tire them out in the pool! 

Stay tuned for further Gramma Mimi Cousin Camp adventures!

Miss Merry