Friday, May 18, 2018

The Bedroom Chapter Two

When we last checked in, my son/electrician and his crew of 2 year olds were moving outlets from behind the future bed to behind the future nightstands. 
And they even wired my tv to a wall mount stand so it won't scratch the new dressers. Do you see all the spackle? Do you think I had enough nail holes in the walls?

Next Mr. Merry was painting the ceilings. He was using a special ceiling paint that goes on pink so you can see where you are painting and what you have missed. The paint did not go on pink despite the claims. #disappointing. 
The original bedroom door and door frame were removed. Can you imagine the fun I was having at this point? We were sleeping in the guest room thank goodness. 
Luckily Mr Merry had lots of help rehanging doors.
I had not even considered changing to Shaker styled doors, but fell in love at the store. We are now replacing every interior door. The one across the hall is special ordered due to size. 
Finally it was time to paint!!! I love the color, Dresden Blue. It looked more gray in the sample, but it is just perfect. 

I just love the painted white woodwork and door with the wall color.  I REALLY love the emptiness of the shelves. And this is our last look at the old carpet. 
Farewell carpet, door, etc.
And hello concrete bedroom floor. Nothing like stepping on cold concrete with your bare tootsies first thing in the morning. 
And then, new carpet! It is actually a medium gray. Somehow it keeps looking brownish in my photos. But trust me, it is a very pretty gray. Carpet name: Starry Night. I also love the emptiness of the closets (which do have doors on now). I still have only moved in a few clothes. The rest are decoratively draped across my living room furniture.
I found these drapes at Target. I just love the buffalo check! I haven't been able to take a picture with better lighting since this room doubles as a space for naptime for a certain young lady in a pack and play. You will just have to wait for the final reveal. 
While we are waiting for my Amish friends to construct the new bedroom set, I have another project for Mr Merry. I have this lovely lamp and another similar one that need rewired. I get to shop for the perfect lamp shades and they will live on our new nightstands!

Miss Merry