Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Meet Pearlie Mae!

Well, this is the real Pearl May. She is my great aunt born at the turn of the last century. She and my grandfather worked hard to help raise their little sister and take care of their mother. My great grandfather was an unfortunate alcoholic. My grandfather left school in 8th grade to apprentice to a jeweler and Pearl went on to college and became an elementary teacher. After their baby sister graduated high school and my grandfather married and took his mom to live with his family, Pearl May changed her "country" name to Patricia Ann, left with a traveling salesman and moved to Seattle where they married and, I believe, sold real estate and managed an apartment building. 
Pearl may not have been in love with her name, but I sure am!  Our local Herb Farm offered a chance to make this lovely garden lady for Mother's Day and I talked my husband and granddaughter into accompanying me out to the farm this morning. 
My granddaughter spotted the owner's own garden lady on our way in. I would like to call your attention to the winter coat and cap. Yesterday our temperatures were in the 70's. Today - low 40's with a chilly wind. 
I got distracted with her herb display and filled a box with some healthy plants before we began. 
Then we got to play dress up! Look at these gorgeous aprons!
Floral Dresses
Blouses and gloves and necklaces and scarves. 
Hats and flowers and baskets and . . . stuff!
My granddaughter's favorite color is blue, so blues it was!
On our way to the car, we stopped to visit the fish in the pond. She has a lovely yard. 
And here is the lovely Pearlie Mae! I am so in love with her. Once she was "planted" I rearranged with some strategic safety pins and a stapled hat. I think I am going to decorate with patriotic colored annuals this year, so the flower may be replaced with red ones.  The herb shop is only charging $25 for the form and clothing which I thought was a terrific price. I know I could easy spend that much on vintage clothing, even at Goodwill.  

Miss Merry