Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gramma Mimi's Wild West Cousin Camp 2015- Day Two

We started the morning with waffles with strawberries and mounds of whipped cream. 

Then we headed outdoors to pan for gold!

A gold nugget!

We sprayed the nuggets with vinegar and voila! We found gold dollar coins!

Which we took straight to the dollar store!

Then we headed to our local history museum to see some arrowheads. 

We listened intently to the tour guide. 

The museum had us pose for a picture as we left for home. 

After lunch, we painted Lone Star birdhouses.

Some of us needed a little help painting. 

These cowboys are making trail mix for snack. 

We went outside to play and touch up our birdhouses.

For dinner we had git along little doggies, buckaroo baked beans and tombstone taters. 

And Lone Star pies for dessert. 

We made lightening bugs after dinner. 

They really light up!

The babies went to bed and the older campers got a surpise.

Their favorite characters . .. .

were featured at the drive in!

Settled in with snacks for the movie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gramma Mimi's Wild West Cousin Camp - Day One

This was the second year of my annual cousin camp! Here are the Fun Filled activities from Day One! Please comment if you would like directions or instructions on any of the events, experiments or crafts and I will respond.

Everything is labeled for Wild West Camp

I make my own t-shirts with computer printed iron ons and everyone must have a cowboy hat!

The chaos can be confusing so this year I posted an activity list. 

All campers arrived by lunch and enjoyed a Wagon Wheel Casserole.

Campers got right to work painting milk jugs for our totem poles.

The two youngest went for naps while the older campers got to use glue and scissors to create cowboy paper bag puppets. 

We took a brief moo juice break. 

We made corn hop in our jars with this experiment for Hopping Corn. 

We created horses from pool noodles for our rodeo. 

There were some scary moments with these desperadoes!
We had a snack of "cow cakes". 

Everyone ended up on a wanted poster. 

And everyone posed as a real cowboy. 

A one dollar pack of mustaches was a great purchase!

We captured all the desperadoes in this great jail that grampa cut from underlayment. 

One of the rodeo events was throwing a snake in a boot. Some of the campers figured out it was easier to just walk over to the boot and drop it in. 

I made rope rings for lassos and the cowpokes tossed them on a cone. 

Admiring our totem poles - we put them on metal fence posts. 

Boot scootin' bbq with cole slaw, corn salsa and chips. 

We screwed golf tees into a piece of scrap lumber - put ping pong balls on the tees and had a shooting range with our water pistols. 

We also popped the pig! Pink balloons with pig faces drawn on!

Miss Merry