Sunday, October 2, 2016

Awesome Autumn to All

I am ready to begin blogging again. I just can not figure out how to upload photos from my phone to the blog. grrrr.  This one I uploaded to facebook from my phone and then downloaded it from facebook on to my laptop. grrrr. There has to be a better way! 

Meanwhile, today I had my daughter and daughter-in-laws over for a craft day. I found these fence boards on clearance for 1.29 each at Home Depot.  I fooled around with some paint and water this week and came up with a couple different stains. We spent the afternoon stenciling and painting. All of the boards looked so different and unique! If I can figure this out, maybe someday I can share them. 

We had no rain all summer and this week was trying to make up for it. I really wanted some corn stalks, but it was too wet to go get some. There was finally a break in the rain yesterday and I went to a nearby farm where I got several gorgeous mums, enough cornstalks to cover the posts on my porch, and even a couple pumpkins. My porch looks just so darn cute! And the beauty of decorating for fall instead of Halloween is that it can all stay right where it is until the end of November. Even the board can stay; it is reversible! 

Miss Merry