Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Easter Bonnet

For the first time in a few years I put up my Easter Tree!  I went out in the back and cut some pussy willows and forsythia. The buds were very tight, but after a few days in my warm dining room I had flowers. Also on the table are dishes leftover from another return to my former life - a tea party!

I left my job about 3 years ago. My long time neighbor has retired and she made friends with some new neighbors who are young, stay-at-home housewives. They began to meet on Friday mornings for coffee and invited me! When it was my turn, I invited them to a tea party. It was the first time they were ever served "real" tea and tea sandwiches and they were quite impressed. 

But what I really wanted to share was a recent purchase. I had won a gift certificate to a local "antique" mall and kept misplacing it. I found it a week ago and decided to spend it. I wandered through the store for an hour or two planning my purchases. 

I found a small vintage suitcase for a little more than I wanted to pay, but with the booth offering a 20% discount and my gift certificate (still overpriced after that) I purchased it to hold clothes for my Christmas present. My hubby bought me an American Girl Doll who is my namesake! And I have been busy outfitting her with vintage Pleasant Company clothes. 

 When I posted my bonnet on Facebook, a number of people who use their phones as computers thought it was a cake! Perhaps they need more sugar in their lives.
I am totally in love! I do have a small collection of vintage hats. I usually buy them at country auctions out of people's attics.  I try not to pay more than 2-3 dollars. But this one just called my name! It was around $15, which is so much more than I usually pay!
And you know what that led to . . . I had to order a new dress to match! I am pretty excited about showing it off on Easter Sunday!

I have been crazy busy the last few weeks. I hosted a baby shower for 45 ladies (young and old) for my youngest daughter, as well as a "diaper party" for her husband's friends and family. It was my first time using a caterer and honestly, it is less stressful for me to just do it myself. I am also teaching our church's confirmation class and somehow was put in charge (at the last minute) of a retreat for 20 teenagers the day before the shower. I wasn't really sure if I was coming or going. 

Needless to say, Easter is going to be a casual affair at my house this year (except for the bonnet). Confirmation is the week after and then I am looking forward to hosting my neighbor ladies for another tea. 

Happy Easter!

Miss Merry