Sunday, October 23, 2022

Not Covid



All the littles have been bringing home viruses from school. The elementary kids shared a disgusting stomach virus with me in September.  They have coughing and sneezing and dripping noses for October. Instead of driving nursery school car poll on Monday, I spent my day on the phone trying to wrangle an appointment for a three year old with a severe sinus infection. A smarter gramma might have started some over the counter stuff then. 

I have been using some of my stash of covid tests (all negative), but when I tried to book an on-line appointment, I couldn't schedule until November 4. So today, a lovely Sunday with temperatures in the 70's, I sat in the waiting room at "convenient care" for two hours and eventually left with two prescriptions. 

Did I mention I completely lost my voice? It has been three days of croaking barely above a whisper and I am now under orders for no whispering either. Since my Super Power is talking nonstop, this has been difficult! 

Oh, and guess what else they are sharing at nursery school? Pink Eye. . . . 

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Project Update

I want to thank everyone for their patience with my comment function. I am sure the glitch had to be something I did, but I think I have it corrected. Thank you for all your visits and comments. 

Look at the improvement with just the trim painted! 

Next came the walls. I was wrong. The carpet did look gray next to the walls. 

My six year old granddaughter looked at this and very nicely explained to me that I should go back to the carpet store and ask for a bigger piece of carpet to cover the whole floor, even under the beds! So I did. 

It's gray! 

And still gray in different lighting! 

I decided we had to have the very expensive doors. It turned out the doors are actually in stock at a warehouse (not really "special order") and we could save over 1/3 of the cost by buying them with primer instead of fully painted. We place the order and they were ready for pick up in six days. 

Door number one! 

Three doors!  Actually this was to make sure he had all the hardware prep correct. He took them back to the workshop to paint them. 

We still need to assemble two inexpensive end tables and I am looking at new bedding. I found curtains I like so I will try to get a good picture of them. 

I am SO happy the carpet really is gray! 

More updates:

I am going to call it another success. My two youngest grandchildren are potty trained! 

I spent 2 1/2 hours at training and am officially a poll worker! 

Thanks for visiting! 

Miss Merry