Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fall Y'All

A fall recap:
It may have taken 3 separate orders for sizes since kids keep growing and herculian efforts to schedule all ten in one place at one time (a Sunday morning at 8 a.m.), but, by gosh, an updated photo with all ten grandchildren. 

We bought my husband a new suit and attended two out of three fall weddings. A nephew, a coworker's daughter (I knew her before she was born) and we are off to New Orleans next month for a niece. 
And I chopped off my hair by the second one. You know, went to have bangs cut, went crazy. I am wearing the same dress to all three weddings. A former "mother of the bride" dress and I am getting my money's worth. 
Got #10 baptized (I think I look like a chubby elf)
I had a theme of feminist costumes for my youngest granddaughter. But, because she is an independent woman, she told me this year she wanted to be a peacock princess. 
I have been hanging out at pumpkin patches and Halloween parties
This one was in Stars Hollow (I think, not positive)

I mean, am I right?

We got six back to school and two started school for the first time.  All the mommies finished maternity leaves and the grandparent daycare center, bus stop and preschool carpool is back to work. 

One son sold his home the minute it went on the market and is moving his family of 5 from 3 garages, 2 storage units and an efficiency apartment this weekend with help from grampa and two brothers.  One son-in-law decided family isn't for him, so we have stepped in as pseudo parents to help out, and my oldest granddaughter is in rehearsals for the Nutcracker - I am so excited! 

It's starting to get colder so we are grateful we are all blessed to have warm houses (at least after this weekend) and plenty of food to eat.
I do still carve out some me time (even though it sometimes includes a little person).  My youngest and I went to a book signing with NPR's Sarah Vowell and I am going (alone) with my genealogy group for an after-hours tour of hidden records at our county courthouse next Monday.  I am very excited about the tour! 

I also had an epiphany about Christmas and you know how I like themes! This year I am going to turn my house into Whoville and I am pretty excited about that, too. I hope I have time to take pictures and share. I have been pretty busy in the evenings pinning on Pinterest. 

Miss Merry