Saturday, April 29, 2017

Climbing the Family Tree

A few years ago I took advantage of a free genealogy class offered by a neighboring library.  The class is held for two evenings and explores how you can use the internet to learn something about your family. I was very excited and spent a few weeks exploring the true story behind some family myths and discovering a little information about branches I knew nothing about.
Then life happened.  As usual. Everything got packed in a box and that was that. I think I gained four more grandchildren in the lapse. And then I saw that they were offering the class again! I called and asked if you were allowed to repeat it and they welcomed me with open arms.
My Mom
I had this great idea for Mothers Day, I wanted to make a collage of all the ladies on my mothers side.
My Gramma
I was told this was my great grandmother who died when my gramma was only 9 years old. Spoiler Alert - this is the photo that will gum up the plan.
My great grandmother - but which one?
 I did find this wonderful portrait of my great grandmother and her family on Ancestry.
One of these six daughters is my great grandmother! But which one?
My next mission is to figure out which one is her.    And this is a photo of my great-great grandmother, Sarah Perry (Snyder). My grandmother was her spitting image!
Sarah Perry Snyder
 And this is a photo of my great-great-great grandmother Sarah (Ammerman) Perry.
Sarah Ammerman Perry
  Lots of Sarah Perrys to confuse me further when going through records.  The end of my story is that when I took the photo of who I thought was my maternal great grandmother out of the precious frame, it is labeled on the back with the name of my paternal great grandmother (in my mothers writing) on the back. Whether this is true or not I will need to verify.  In the mean time, this project will be postponed until I can identify a photo of my true maternal great grandmother.                                                                                    My finished collage could include my granddaughters, my daughters, myself, my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, my great-great grandmother, my great-great-great grandmother. EIGHT generations!!  The library offers genealogy assistance the first Tuesday of each month and I cannot wait to go back! 
My oldest granddaughter, the fashion icon. She is posing on abandoned tracks at a railroad museum.

My youngest granddaughter, posing on her first birthday. 
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  1. What wonderful photographs! I understand your confusion. My only concern is that you not allow one name to derail such a wonderful plan... So many wonderful, identified woman.... one mystery... a work in progress.... Perfection is so hard to attain... In my life right now? It may never be.... lol. Anyway, you are all cute... oh, that granddaughter in the red hat and boots! And in that delicious lavendar lace dilly dilly!!!!! Hugs!

  2. That is so wonderful that you have all those old pictures of your relatives. I love the idea of a collage of all the women for 8 generations! Awesome! I wish I cold do that for my family. What cutie pies you have for granddaughters too! Keep us informed as you progress....I think it is fascinating.

  3. Wow, Miss merry! Those pictures are wonderful. All the women in your family are beautiful :)



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