Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Expectation Vs Reality Christmas Tablesetting

This was supposed to be the best of the bunch. I took several photos early in the morning and late at night, which is when my grandchildren are not here. I was excited to get something that wasn't too dark and then realized we are featuring a roll of magnet to stick crafts on my refrigerator. Trust me, this is as good as it will get.
REALITY: One of my assistant table setters on patrol.           
This one has shadows and a piece of packaging on one of the plates.Since the day after Thanksgiving I have been trying to clear off the dining room table so that I could show off some of my Christmas dishes. We provide care for five of our grandchildren and accomplishing anything with two one-year-olds, two three-year-olds and a just turned 5 year old. I was so delusional that I thought that perhaps I could showcase my Pfaltzgraff Christmas dishes for a few weeks and then change to the fun dishes that Better Homes and Gardens created with the vehicles and Christmas trees.
These are the plates everyone is in love with (including me)! I bought a few last year and found a few more this year. They are part of a set of four different plates, but you can buy them individually in the stores.
That darn Pioneer Woman! The first time I spotted these little tart sized dishes, they were in her Flea Market patterns. Of course I picked up a selection. The next trip I spotted this Christmas Pattern and had to scoop up a few more.
Once I purchased my first BGH plates last year, I started looking for a centerpiece. I spent a day traveling out of town to find a vehicle carrying a tree only to locate this metal beauty at a local drug store. I pilfered the little pickup from the toy box and added a little garland.
This year trucks are everywhere! This beauty pulling out from behind a tea pot is a cookie jar; the tree lifts off as the lid. I found it at a local farm store on half price day. The little wooden station wagon is an ornament I picked up somewhere.

These little wooden vehicles were in the $1 bins at Target. I bought the three that were left this past weekend. 
I am late to the Nora Fleming party! For my monumental birthday in 2016 I received a very nice china dish with changeable ornaments from a friend. Fast forward to some Amazon surfing and they kindly recommended this Nora Fleming mini to add to my dish! Say what? I see some more minis in my future! The liner was a gift from a friend.
 Another view of my mini. I am pretty excited about finding it.
I was hoping to do an entire post about our tree this year, but the way things are going, I will just share these. Here is my decorating crew. I sorted out the unbreakables and let them go. The only ones interested were the two 3 year-olds and my 1 year old granddaughter. 
Some have asked if we plan to add anything else to  the tree. We are using it as a gauge as to how high we need to place things so that they are out of reach! Merry Christmas!              Joining the ladies at Tablescape Thursday!


  1. So pretty! I love the tablescape!!! And what great memories with your sweet grandbabies. Have a merry Christmas!

  2. Luckily our families came down to help. I don't know if you have put in a fence or painted 11.5' ceilings lately, but it sure is a lot of work! Here is the yard and the living room walls before:vinyl fence post


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