Sunday, September 12, 2021

September Word of the Month?

 I know it is only September.  We had temperatures in the 70's last week and it inspired me.  And the fact that it is in the 90's today (and forecasted for the next week) has not detoured me. My word for September is two words. And those words are Pumpkin Spice. 

It all started with my shower curtain. I have a floral curtain I use in the summer and I replaced it with my favorite fall green gingham. The minute I hung it, I knew something was wrong. After thought and detective work with my tape measure, I believe I have determined the problem. The curtain has shrunk 6 inches. I am sure it is all my fault and it somehow snuck into the dryer last year. I am heartbroken but hope to bring it back to life as a tablecloth. 

So - I went to Amazon. My new Autumn shower curtain will arrive on Wednesday. And then I had to find a new rug to match. At least I hope it matches.  

We got up this morning and hubby decided we were going to Menards. I haven't been in a store forever and . . . . walked out with new towels to match the fall bathroom as well as new hand towels.  I talked him into stopping at Dollar Tree so I could get ribbons to tie up my corn stalks. They did not have any ribbon, but I still spent $8 on more fall decorations I don't need.  I also ran into Family Dollar where I found some more fall littles and some very cute fall facecloths.  They only had four so I just left Amazon where some coordinating ones might arrive by Tuesday. 

I also ran into Aldi since we were in the big town and guess what I found! 

Aldi just knew what I needed.  The whipped topping is so delicious, I am going to try to talk my better half into a trip tomorrow to stock up. 

Our Covid numbers just keep climbing.  We went from a 15 cases in a week total in July to Wednesday's high of 72 cases. In one day.  Our total for this week was 377.  The hospital is sharing a graphic on Facebook each morning with number of Covid cases hospitalized, number of Covid patients in ICU and number of Covid patients on ventilators.  People laugh at the post.  While shopping today we were estimating about 20% of the people at Menards wore a mask, 100% of employees were masked (how I talk hubby into going there).  Dollar Tree had two customers walking out wearing masks when I went in, however no one else but me was wearing a mask while I was there, including cashiers. I was also the only shopper at Family Dollar with a mask. There may have been two other mask wearers at Aldi. Their employees were masked.  

*EDIT*  The Health Department announced that we had 77 new positive tests yesterday. 

Wishing you all a good week. 


  1. Have fun with your fall decorating. I for one will be wearing a mask whenever I am in a store, which doesn't happen often as I pretty much hate shopping, don't need a thing and would rather stay home sweet home. :) Take care.

  2. I love all of your cute fall things. Lots of my fall decorations went to the Goodwill when we moved. They were pretty old and probably should have been thrown away but maybe someone will revive them again. I love your tiny white pumpkin. Do you remember which store you found it at? I do have a few decorations out but not many.
    I'm avoiding stores as much as possible too and am wearing a mask when in one. Hubby had to fly to Spokane yesterday and back home tomorrow. Four airplanes. Full of people. Just the thought scares me.
    Take care.

  3. My goodness that certainly sounds like a lot of cases. It amazes me that people are not wearing masks, it seems to be a problem the world over and yet so many choose not to wear one.

  4. Our numbers are going up also...discouraging.
    You were quite the shopper! Nice to get out and about...I would like to go inside hobby lobby but I am resisting.
    Stay safe out there I hope your Amazon order matches like you want!

  5. Our numbers are going up too...Up to 137 in our County today and almost 6000 in one day in the state of Pa. Glad to hear you were able to get out and do a bit of shopping!! Joe told me that Dollar Tree is now getting Christmas things in...I may have to make a trip there....Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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