Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Word of the Month

 I am not willing to concede to a word or theme for all of 2022. But I have been considering several ideas.  I believe that January has progressed far enough along that my word is Procrastination. 

I did finish my New Year's Eve garage sale puzzle. Then I got out the Tea Cup puzzle my friend gifted me when I broke my arm. I could not sit close enough to the puzzle board to really work on it and my eyes were fuzzy with pain killers. Then after the world pause ended, my tiny grandkids were playing in the pieces. 

The Tea Cup puzzle is complete, except for 5 missing pieces from the border which were there at one point. I use large bulletin boards for inexpensive puzzle boards and store them on a dresser in my spare room. I am now cleaning behind everything in the spare room to see if I can locate them. And by that, I mean I finished the puzzle on January 4th and just started cleaning in there this afternoon. 

I have procrastinated on Christmas decorations. We did take the outdoor ones down one day last week. The tree is still up. I had big plans for the past two days as my school aged grandchildren had MLK day and today off for a teacher in-service. But we got five inches of snow so they spent most of their time shoveling and building tunnels and castles. I do have the empty boxes for ornaments in the living room now. 

I have decided to leave the bathroom and bedroom Christmas until February. 

I have been very moody and depressed about the state of the world and family matters and then wrote a few posts that, luckily for you, I did not hit publish. I think we will just let them be. 

I guess I will procrastinate until the end of the month and try to do better, be better and have a better outlook in February. 


  1. I have procrastinated on cleaning this month and have done the bare minimum. Thankfully we don't make too much of a mess. It's all of this construction. There are men tramping in and out all of the time. Bringing yuck in with them. All of this for two bathrooms that were supposed to take 2-3 weeks. It's been since the Monday after Thanksgiving. If they would just work a full day it would have been done ages ago. But no, one or two hours and then no one for a week! No one had been here since the week after Christmas until Monday. Then no one today. The drywaller is supposed to come tomorrow. We'll see. It's like the childrens book "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie". The pipes were fine and now they aren't. Too old. Need replaced. Well of course they do. At this point I just keep writing checks! :-) Okay. Done complaining. Just explaining why I'm procratinating this month too. You aren't alone my dear friend.
    If you would like to share your woes with me, feel free to email me your posts. I won't share, but I DO promise to pray.
    Blessings and love,

  2. I think we are in the same boat. January 1st was a very good day with my grand plans for the new year but then on day 2 we had heavy rains and flooding that caused a leak straight from the roof through the ceiling in our bathroom and let's just say it's been downhill ever since. I have a hard time getting on track again with anything. Guess it's better to just go with the flow. February isn't so far away :) Take care.

  3. Sometimes writing that stuff out and then not hitting publish is just enough to help in some ways. I get cranky a lot and want to write mean spirited stuff...I do it, then I read it and delete it or save it for later to see what my mood was.

    I took my Xmas Chair down before New Years but I was bored and needed to do some house keeping. If I get irritated watch out! The windows get washed too!

    Procrastinate is just fine. You do what you need to do!

  4. Miss Merry, I know cranky and last week was a cranky week for sure. I will not make New Year's resolutions because I don't believe in them. I never live up to any. They always sound good at the time. Life happens in between and throws them out the window. Procrastination is something I can do very well. I gave up on a lot of news as I don't know what to believe, so what happens locally right now is where I am. The world has always been in some sort of state so I will just take care of my tiny part and enjoy the grands like you do building snowmen and seeing more of the world through their eyes. I like you have written posts and then decided to delete and glad I did, but it did get what I had troubling me off of my mind. Nobody feels any worse for me than I do, well, that's what mama always said. Love your posts and you keep having fun with the grand children, they are a blessing and keep us moving that's for sure.

  5. You need some sunshine!! All the work waits even for procrastinators. The state of the world...who can help that mess...I have given up except for the people around me for now they are my world:)

  6. Good Morning!!
    well, I was doing fine and sticking to my schedule of changing over Christmas to winter/ Valentine's. I slowed down a bit when I got my booster shot and got sick from it but now my joint replacement knee is killing me and I have not had pain like I am having in it since right after and before the surgery. I have no idea what happened as i can not recall doing anything to it . My foot was bothering me last week after getting my booster where it felt like the bones were twisted in it and then the knee started. I wonder if it could possibly be from the booster shot...I have read people have experienced pain in a specific joint after the shots but I can not find any data on replacement joints. I am praying it is a reaction and will go away soon.Needless to say, this has slowed me down in my change over in the house..Most of the Christmas things are down in the Living Room, then i have to clean and re-decorate...Hopefully, I finish it by the weekend...I won't touch the upstairs until February...Stay safe, happy and healthy!!

  7. I'm sorry you've hit one of those walls! They seem to crop up and just stop me in my tracks from time to time. Consistently though I can see how much fun your grandchildren have been having at your house! What a great treasure of joy you create for them.

  8. I'm sorry you've hit one of those walls! They seem to crop up and just stop me in my tracks from time to time. Consistently though I can see how much fun your grandchildren have been having at your house! What a great treasure of joy you create for them.

  9. I think we have all typed things in our posts that we gave a second thought to and deleted. Somethings are much better not shared, but just the action taken to type them out is enough to get some of the frustration released. Most of our frustration comes from things that we have no control over other than prayer, prayer is always a good answer to anything and all things. God bless you and may February bring with it a time of energy fueled by love and may your heart be filled with sunshine.
    Son shine :)


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