Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! Farewell to Stinky Old 2021

Happy New Year's Eve! We have a big celebration planned for New Year's Eve. And by New Year's Eve I mean between 6:00 and 9:00 pm, the time before my husband falls asleep in his recliner. 

I put some meatballs and chicken wings in the freezer when I was making Christmas snacks and they are now warming in the slow cooker. We have unopened chips and even chip dip in the refrigerator. And, to celebrate, we are going to split the leftover bud light in a red aluminum bottle that is also in the refrigerator. 

Since none of our children are going out (I am guessing since I haven't heard anything), we are not babysitting! So my big plan, in addition to watching old reruns and crime shows on television is to keep working on my jigsaw puzzle. Something else I can't do when little people are here helping. 

It is titled garage sale and is just full of teeny tiny treasures. This has 1000 itty bitty pieces and I am obsessed. To make it more fun, many have been cut with the same pattern so they will fit together where they do not belong. I had to do the border over a few times and even now I know there is a problem.  I was up until (don't tell) almost 3 a.m. last night and really got a handle on it. I'm not so sure I will last that long tonight. 

Wishing everyone happiness and good health in the New Year. My plan for the new year is to reorganize my pandemic pantry. Especially since my December beef quarter was accidently sold out from under me and the replacement isn't traveling to the butcher until March. Not sure sure Mr Merry is excited about the quantity of casseroles in his future. But I am looking at it as an opportunity to use up what we have and plan better for the next restock. (Last time I was in survival mode and this time I will choose more what we will actually eat, rather than recommendations on what we should be eating, LOL). 


  1. Happy New year! Looks like a fun puzzle!

  2. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that did that. When I restock, I will also buy what WE eat and not what someone else eats. :-)
    I'm impressed that you have the patience for that puzzle. I don't like puzzles in a normal way and I've never even heard of them cut the same before. That would do me in forever!
    Your celebration sounds much like ours. We ate our cheese ball and crackers. Then had a slice of almond cake. Dennis went to bed at 9:30. I may actually make it until midnight. We'll see. We still have that layer of ice outside that just grew thicker through the day. Through the day tomorrow we're supposed to have 8-10 inches of snow. On top of the ice. I'm already worrying about Dennis snowblowing the sidewalks on this hill. So scary.
    Take care my friend and Happy New Year!
    Wishing you many blessings in 2022.

  3. Reruns and crime shows are just about what we watch here. I need to get back to my puzzle. My husband would be perfectly happy with casseroles and especially that tuna noodle casserole he could eat twice a week. Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!

  4. I love Pandemic Pantry! Yes, I have one of those also and it is stocked ready for lots of soups and stews in the next month or so. I gave up on the large beef purchase but do go to a butcher place and fill up a box to take home. My meat then is supplied for about a month or so.
    Our garden has produced all the frozen veggies and dehydrated veggies we need for at least a year or so.

    I do spend time re sorting our stocked shelves. I also learned from the best you know, my grandparents taught us well after they lived through a pandemic, depression, and war. I used to think they were odd how they prepped for things, but now I find it a good skill to have learned.

    Hope you have a very nice New Year start.

  5. Your New Year sounds like fun to me. I wish you so much joy! My dad always started a big puzzle on New Year's Eve! I loved helping him, but your dedication to it reminds me of his... and I was never that faithful! We just took apart one that he and my son did at least 17 years ago... it was layered on a shelf between boards... I need to work on using up my pantry stash and organizing. I'd rather have snacks... so unhealthy! Have a great year!

  6. LOL!! I so love reading your posts!!! I am not good at puzzles...I do not have the patience to do so...Luckily, we live close to numerous grocery stores and we have not needed to stock up...Supplies are still plentiful in this area...I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve!! Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year...Stay safe, my friend!!

  7. Hello, I was visiting The Simple Life of a Queen (Betsy) and saw you there and decided to come for a visit. We have a lot of likes in common, especially grand kids. I also love to work jigsaw puzzles and have done many. I have a new 1000 piece in the closet ready to be opened and put together, you've given me the puzzle bug again. Enjoyed visiting your blog, hope you have a nice day.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting again...Glad my post on my One Little word for 2022 has given you something to ponder...I have had a lot of Gratitude and Thankfulness over the last 3 years...Thankful that I am no longer working, thankful that I can now walk without pain, thankful that I can do what I always wanted to do in my home...I have a lot of Gratitude with just walking up each day as many do not get that luxury..Gratitude that my family is healthy and we are all still here and alive 2 years into this Pandemic, Gratitude that family members still have jobs and are doing well in them...I actually was a bit shocked when you mentioned that you can not muster up Thankfulness and Gratitude as I believe there is so much to be Thankful for and be grateful for...


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