Sunday, December 5, 2021

Decorating for Christmas in a Teeny Tiny Bathroom

We bought our teeny tiny 1050 square foot house when we were 19 years old. We were desperate to move to a home of our own and this was what we ended up with. Of course it was meant to be our starter home, but high interest rates and a recession coupled with five children in seven years meant we stayed. And when we built a 500 sq. foot room on the end (after the five children left), it became our forever home. 

We still have the one small bathroom, too. The master plan (which was to be completed four years ago when my husband retired) is to move the laundry room into the area created when we remodeled the kitchen, put a half bath into the old laundry room and then gut this puppy down to the studs. We are moving closer, as slowly as we possibly can. We replaced one of those shelving units over the toilet with these narrow shelves and I love them. Right now they are filled with little red trucks with Christmas trees. 

I found the shower curtain and hangers at Big Lots a few years ago. It goes so well with the wall color. The bottom sign also came from Big Lots, last year I think. The framed print is a calendar page, a gift from an old friend. My husband built this indestructible towel bar after tugging children destroyed several normal towel bars and hooks. It works well now as I brace myself climbing into the tub. I cannot wait until we have a walk in shower. 

The wreaths are new this year. This is a bump out into the closet behind it (my closet, as a matter of fact). There was zero storage in the bathroom originally and there is space for a small clothes basket under the shelves. Anyway, the wreaths. After I hung wreaths on every other cupboard door set in my kitchen, I liked them so much I ordered more on Lakeside. By the time they came, I decided I like the kitchen wreaths the way they were.  I cut off the gingham ribbons and made these red ones from the leftover strips from my bedroom garland. 

This is the partial wall by the door. The remodeling includes a wider door with a wider door frame. The door is currently sitting in my craft/junk room. Taking care of my parents was good instruction in everything I need to include in my forever bathroom.  I don't know what I had on this wall last year. I have hung Raggedy here for now. I know she is getting a little worn, but she was one of the last gifts my mother gave me, so I am keeping her forever. I am sure one of the Dollar stores has something truck oriented that will fit on this wall. I will stop by the next time I do a grocery run. 

Add a red throw rug and that's the bathroom! I did see that this year Big Lots has an adorable snowman shower set, but I am trying to resist. Now let's play "Eye Spy". Did you spot the basket of little boys underpants?


  1. Oh my goodness! Your bathroom is simply gorgeous. That was almost the exact layout of our bathroom before remodeling in 2015. It is a wee bit larger now, but not much. I also wish we'd done a walk in shower, but I love baths.
    The shelving is so cute.
    Um the basket of little boy underpants on the tank?


  2. They must be on the top of the toilet, perfect spot! This bath is really cute, you are a decorator for sure! :)

  3. That would be the basket on the back of the commode with all the little underpants in it, lol. Yep, I saw it...

  4. I L-O-V-E your bathroom. The little red truck theme is one of my favorites. Snowmen and Little Red Trucks. I wish I could do the entire house with them. I like your little bathroom. I agree on the walk in shower. That's what I wanted with this bathroom remodel but as I said on my blog, I was talked out of it for "resale" value. I plan for this to be my last house so who cares about resale? :-)
    Your gift from your Mom is priceless. I would never get rid of it either.
    Of course you have a basket of underpants near/on the toilet. They are needed when you have little boys so you may as well keep them handy.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. You have decorated your bathroom so nice. Love that shower curtain! I have a tiny bathroom downstairs and the one upstairs is anything but large. I always thought I wanted a larger one but now changed my mind as I do not want to clean anymore than I have too. I live in a Bi-level,so there is the small one downstairs and a small one upstairs. You look to have decorated more than I have at the moment. I am not much with it this year.

  6. That is the cutest bathroom ever! You really could be a professional decorator. i used to be good and I enjoyed it but then I moved here and was blind for 2 years and then sick with RA and I've been behind ever since. The shower curtain is darling. I did notice the basket but didn't know it was just looked like something for kids. You've done a beautiful job with your home!

  7. I have to tell you that i simply adore the color of those walls!! And it looks absolutely perfect with all your decorations...I too have the same sign from Big Lots but mine is on my front porch!! Those shelves are also just perfect!!! All so cute and festive and I truly am in love with it!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for stopping by!! I truly enjoy and appreciate all your visits!! Our townhouse was only 1200 sq, ft and became a little over 1300 when we made the patio into the Den....It was never meant to be our forever home but for the same reasons you gave, it became ours too!!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. What a cute bathroom! You have the touch... love the theme and all your great storage ideas.


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