Sunday, November 28, 2021

Operation: Hallmark Christmas Inn Bedroom Project, Part 3

Things continue to move a lot slower than I had planned but I did complete one item from the list! I finally sat down and made the garland out of the strips I cut two weeks ago. 
Some of you had asked how I make the garland. This is totally different than the way I usually make them. After I went to bed last night, I remembered how I usually do it and briefly thought about taking it apart. Then I regained my sanity because it looks perfectly fine. Basically, I tie cloth clothesline (not plastic) to a chair and tied the strips into a knot. Just like tying your shoes. 

Just remember to keep the knot going the same way. I did the right side over the top. Normally I pull both ends through a loop. Here are the directions to the wonderful Fourth of July garland I made. I made the Christmas strips much shorter which worked with the simple knot, too.

Starting to take shape. I cut the pink and red fabric into 1" strips approximately 6" long. The snowflake fabric is 2" wide so that I could get a whole snowflake in the pattern. You can see the simple knot. 

And as the garland grows, you just move the chair! I guess you need a wide room for this project. I had intended it to be 11 feet long for some reason. I had enough fabric to get to 10 feet which was actually a little longer than I needed. 

I ordered an 18" white fake fur tree skirt for my flocked tree on my nightstand. Then I realized that meant it would only extend 9".  While I was stalking Dollar Generals, I found a 24" candy cane striped tree skirt for $2 so I picked that up, too. It isn't perfect, but it hides my digital clock and power strip. I just looked through my photos and they look pretty sad. We will update the tree skirt in the next post. Changes need to be made. 

I have not gotten any further with doll house decorating despite my grandchildren checking it daily. They want to know what the elves are doing and why the decorating isn't happening. So do I! Here are some of the grandchildren with Santa pictures I display at Christmas. Hint, start with smaller frames with the first grandchild. 

I am so proud I completed the garland! And my husband and I decorated outdoors and remained married so that is another plus. AND I have all my gifts wrapped. I will admit that we are only doing two gifts per person this year (but I do have 21 children, bonus children and grandchildren) and I do shop all year. I did pretty well and only had to order two emergency shipments from Amazon to equal the playing field.  Now I am free to welcome grandchildren while all the little Mrs. Clauses finish shopping and do their own gift wrapping. 


  1. Your garland is wonderful! My knuckles would probably freeze up after tying a while, well one anyway always does. No better decorations than those grands with Santa. I put mine out too. I think it's a wonderful idea to do that. I know what you mean about putting up Christmas lights with the husband. One of us steps inside for a snack or coffee after a while with each other, especially when the things were not put up right and tangled. Love your Hallmark room, I think you are moving along really well with your decorating. I will probably be up til one in the morning doing mine.

  2. I love that garland. I'm almost done with gifs too. I gave one away to someone as a birthday gift so I need to do another one. I also have to make Mandy's socks because hers were in the pairs that disappeared in the move. If I have time I'll make Mom another pair too because she loves them.
    I haven't decorated at all. The contractor has shown up today to start destroying the bathroom. I'm in the family room with Zoey but hearing lots of mysterious banging and clunking upstairs.

  3. Wow, that garland is amazing. That sounds like something that even I can do.

    We don't decorate outside though I may put up a wreath. There is no one around to see the lights except the mules.

    Your decorations are stunning.

  4. Such a pretty room! You are a decorator! :)

  5. Fun and lovely garland. You are creating a very pretty room, your company may never want to leave :)

  6. O MY!! I LOVE your garland!! How pretty that looks!! We give money for Christmas and have no grandchildren so it is much easier to stay on budget...Should we ever have grandchildren ( which I doubt but that is okay), I will do what my Mother and MIL did with my sons. They gave me money to shop for the gifts and I bought the gifts and gave them back to them to wrap...Worked out well that way because i knew what they wanted ....Thanks again for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!! We are all feeling much better now after being on the antibiotics....

  7. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I don't know how you do it all. You are amazing and so talented. I love the pictures of all the kids with sweet. Enjoy your "free time" now with all your shopping and wrapping done....amazing!
    Thank you for the garland instructs...I've been wanting to make one or more...I love them. Yours turned out so pretty.

  8. Oh yes! The garland is awesome. I think your ideas are just perfect. Hallmark may just send a film crew over. I think they should....


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