Sunday, November 21, 2021

Operation Hallmark Christmas Inn Bedroom: Part Two

I have to be honest. The project is moving slowly. I started November 1, I believe. I am thinking that it might have been better to start the first of October. 

Here is the fabric for the rag garland over the bed.

The snowflake print is almost identical to one of the prints in the quilt. I do have it cut into strips. 
And here is the pile - all cut and ready to tie. That was a week ago. The pile is still there . . . 

The next huge project was clearing the top of my dresser. It was quite the collection of anything that I took away from toddlers who cannot reach the top. I hesitated in showing this photo, but, real life. This started a domino effect when these items landed in the dining room and then I decided to organize my spare room to fit them in and then had to sort the Christmas gifts hidden in the closet and count them and then decided to clear out the grandchildren's craft area and consolidate it . . . 

This is what the dresser looks like with a clean top. I wanted to commemorate the occasion. 

Last year I wrapped my dollhouse in saran wrap. This year I have a two year old and three year old who will not be stopped by saran wrap. I decided to move the dollhouse to the dresser and welcome the elves! But first, I decided to put some felt down to protect the wood. 

I cut one long piece of felt from my fabric closet into two strips that fit on top. Then I measured the doll house. It was too small. Measure once and cut twice is my motto. I found white scraps and tacked them together. Then I covered it with some folded fabric from the craft closet. 

I took this photo and realized that I could not get away without pressing the fabric. Laying the fabric on top of the felt tore out the tacking so I ended up having to sew the six pieces of felt together with a running stitch, went to the other room, cut the fabric, pressed the fabric and attempted to put it back on the dresser. Everything slid like ice. So I ended up sewing the fabric to the felt. Because nobody can turn a one minute project into a three hour project like I can. 

My husband graciously helped me carry and lift the doll house to the dresser and I was able to stage a few rooms. Then the whirlwind of our grandchild daycare intervened with parent/teacher days off, a bout of croup that went through one family, the two year old napping in the Hallmark Christmas Bedroom so that I can't decorate during nap time/ free time. 

Here are a few rooms where I was playing. I will be moving everything because I have made garlands and wreaths for the windows and should have started with those. 

Sorry about the shadows. Hopefully I can take photos in daylight when I finish decorating. 

Real glad I carefully placed the teeny tiny food and dishes since I will need to move it all. I spent one night coloring a tea light with different sharpie colors to make a fire for the fireplace. 

The other night, before I fell asleep, I remembered some decorations I bought online from JC Penney's last year. I was watching them all season and after; until they went on clearance and into my price range. Now I need to remember where I stashed them. That is on my list for this week. Actually, what I need to do is make a list! 

In the meantime, I bought these wreaths last summer on clearance from Lakeside during a weekend they were offering free shipping. The bows are "pink" but I think they look like Christmas! The price was 2/$3.99 and I am so in love with them. And I know they look great because when my husband walked into the kitchen and said "Oh no, not a Hallmark Kitchen, too!" My grandchildren were not impressed and wanted to know why I hung wreaths in a KITCHEN.  And please ignore the messy counter tops. I had four grandchildren here today (on my "day off") and had stayed up way too late last night refreshing my page on Target to snare a gift, as soon as it listed, my daughter in law needed double for both of their boys. 

How did I forget this? I LEFT THE HOUSE.  My daughter in law researched and found that the musical version of "Elf on a Shelf" was coming to a theater only one hour and 45 minutes away and masks were required to enter the building and must be worn at all times! Of course the one family who decided to violate the policy sat right in front of us. But, without me saying a word or waving, security kindly reminded them that masks were required (it was flashing online when you purchased the ticket, printed on the ticket, posted on every available space and reminded on the public speakers). They did put them on, but glared at everyone around them all night.  I packed a picnic supper that we ate in the car and then, after a trial run, made cocoa in coffee carafes and had Christmas cookies for the ride home, so we would not need to enter public restaurants. The good news is that these three and two more cousins aged 5 & 7 will all get their first vaccine this week! 

Here's hoping I will have more Hallmark Christmas Inn Bedroom progress to report next week. 


  1. I enjoyed everything about this post. The dollhouse and saga of the cloth material below it. (Sounds like me in making a project more difficult than it should be.) The hallmark kitchen, love the wreaths. The musical you were able to go to. Who cares if any of the decorating is complete or if your kitchen, or entire house isn't hallmark perfect. You have your grandchildren around you all of the time and that will be a memory that no one can take away from them. Cookies and hot chocolate from a thermos is a wonderful memory. You are wonderful! I'm glad your kids have you and your husband.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. I LOVE that sweet dollhouse!!! And I can't wait to see the garlands that you made...I am doing my Village under the Tree today and hopefully, my doll house tomorrow...I have to take everything out of the inside and clean it as I fear there might be a family of spiders living in it! YIKES!!LOVE the wreaths on the kitchen cabinets...They are really cute wreaths...I admire you for doing all you do with all those kids at your house...I hope your family appreciates you and your husband caring for their children while they work and the toll it takes on the both of you..Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  3. The doll house is so pretty! I can see why the children would want to play with everything in it! Your project is coming along!!

  4. You are a person after my own heart! My purging and cleaning last week of my living room was a total mess but the end result a day later was nice too.
    Your doll house is to die for! I love it. I bought doll house furniture this year and repainted most of it to suit my forest critter collection.
    How adorable.

    Your place looks amazing.

  5. Hi I used to blog and was looking back over my early days in blogging and saw a comment by you so thought I'd see if you're still blogging and you are! I loved the early blogging days. Glad to see you're still at it. I'm on instagram now @rhondimullins

  6. Thanks again for visiting! I am now finished with al my decorating!!! So now I can sit back and enjoy it all! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Stay safe, healthy and happy

  7. This is amazing! I don't think I would ever want to put it away! I have thought about making a rag garland many times... but then I try lying down until the urge passes... can't wait to see yours! You are a fun one....your grands will forever remember these days


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